Monday, March 29, 2010

My Nephew's Graduation

Finally, after so much hard my nephew, Jerel is finally a college graduate. He graduated at UST - University of Santo Tomas, with a degree of BA Fine Arts Major in Advertising.

We are so proud of him most especially his parents. They had their graduation ceremony last March 26th at the PICC. We are wishing him good luck and we all hope that he'll landed a job soon.
I'm also encouraging him to get a crash course in web designing for added knowledge and credits to his credentials. These days, one needs to be more flexible and have added talent or skills so that you'll have an edge over others. Congrats Jerel!

Lenten Schedule

We attended the Palm Sunday mass last Sunday and after that we had a small celebration at my brother's house. My nephews and niece graduated from pre-school, elementary and one in college so we had a simple family lunch. We had baked pork spareribs and nilagang baka for lunch and mango royale dessert that I made.

This morning I found myself making a list of what food that I'll cook for this whole Holy Week. Mom did the marketing yesterday and I'm the one in charge to think of the meal and to cook. I've already listed the meals that we'll have and of course on Thurs. and Friday, we'll not have any meat and it's only veggies and fish that I'll cook. Of course on Sunday it will be a feast day since it's Easter Sunday.

Anyway, I know some of you will be on vacation this Holy Week. I have some friends who will be out of town in Baguio, Laguna, Batangas and in Bora with their family. I hope they'll check their vehicles thoroughly for long distance driving bec. during Holy Week, it's hard to find motorhome towing bec. mostly companies and repair shops are closed.

Whereever you go this Holy Week, I hope you all have a meaningful one and be safe when you go out of town!

Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 7: Jet and Cord - (Brothers/Cowboys) last but NOT Eliminated

Here's the Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 7: Jet and Cord - (Brothers/Cowboys) last and NOT Eliminated
Oh dear, I missed the 1st few minutes of the show again ....and still I have NO NET at our house that's why it's only now that I was able to post the results here at my shop.

From France they flew to Seychelles

Team Standings:
1. Steve and Allie - (Father/Daughter)
2.Dan and Jordan- (Brothers)
3. Brent and Caite - (Dating Models)
4. Louie and Michael -(Detectives)
5. Carol and Brandy- (Dating)
6. Last but NOT Eliminated: Jet and Cord - (Brothers/Cowboys) - Note: they should be in the 5th place if they didn;t forget to bring the bottle (Roadblock) back to the shore.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

No Net :(


I opened my laptop and went online at our house yesterday morning but noticed that my Smart Bro internet is having intermittent connection. I checked on the cables, restarted my laptop and reset my router and I thought the connection is stable already. The connection is on and off every few seconds and it was annoying. How can I check my emails, work schedules and credit report when I have that kind of connection?

I can't even open any single website yesterday and too bad I forgot to get tel. no. of the customer service of Smart Bro that I jotted down at my notebook in my shop. Nothing to do that morning, I just opened my photoshop and tweak the layouts for my photobook once again. At least I was a bit productive.

I went home from work
last night and still NO NET connection.. Arrghhh.... This morning, I wasn't able to check it bec. we are going to church for the Palm Sunday mass. If today there's still no connection then I have no choice but to report it to Smart already.

Fortunately I have net connection at my net cafe that's why I was able to do some online stuff and publish this too.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Always Praying For Good Health

If there is one thing I always pray to God that would be about my health and my loved ones. I’m already at an age where aches/pains and ailments are slowly bothering me. Though I have not been confined or been to the hospital all my life because of disease or an emergency, I had my shares of bad health particularly on my digestive system. Fortunately I’m still braving and surpassing any ailments that come my way and I’m continuously praying for that.

I guess you’d agree with me that getting sick is one of the things that we don’t want to happen to any of us because aside from it being physically abusive, it’s financially draining as well. Those that are financially able probably may not worry about the expenses but for the majority it’ll be a problem. I also noticed that some individuals are getting health insurance to help them offset some of their medical expenses and my SIL has been constantly encouraging me to get one for myself.

Those in America probably can use this health insurance reviewer where they can read reviews and thoughts of people who once used services of some health insurance companies. Companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Unicare, CIGNA and more have been reviewed and are quite receiving numerous positive and negative feedback. It’s up to you then to distinguish good from bad services.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spicing Up my Firefox Web Browser with Personas

Been using Firefox, Opera and Chrome web browser after I abandoned IE for years now but my fave is Firefox, though Opera and Chrome has its own features. I just recently upgraded last week to Firefox 3.6 which is believe to be much faster, more security secured and loaded with other features.

The newest feature is their PERSONAS, which are easy to use Firefox themes for Firefox. At first I don't want to put it but the other day, I browsed the personal gallery and tried it on and it brightens and spices up my web browser. It's pretty easy to install and uninstall so now and then I can replace the theme.

Here is my current Firefox theme. I choose the The Two Little Birds, as the graphics are just located at the right side of the screen. It will not mess the look of my address bar and other tabs unlike the other personas in the gallery.Here are some few personas theme that you can choose. Actually you can choose from over 2,000+ themes. Go ahead and try it.
What about you have you upgraded to Firefox 3.6 now? What is your current FF theme?

Perks of Having a Blog or Website

I started to tinker in my computer many years ago and since I’m a bit keen on arts, crafts and graphics, I started to make graphics using my Corel PSP9 and it was just simple blinkers, globes, names and later on headers and such. One day in 2004, while messing around with my MS frontpage, I was able to make a simple website. I was so excited back then and the only problem is how I can publish it online so I looked for a free webhosting site and there I found one. My 1st website was launched in 2004, I’m not going to share the link anymore (eventhough it is still live) because it has too many pop-ups and ads on the site since it is only hosted for free.

Since then, I was thrilled to have a site where I can share my graphic creations, digital scrapbooking and some personal thoughts. Later on in Jan. 5, 2005, I opened my very 1st blog in bravejournal out of curiosity since I saw one of my online friends has one. It’s only free hosted and I still have no idea about hosting etc. My blogging career expanded and it was in Jan. of 2007 when I opened another blog in blogspot that I later on bought a domain name. With the help of a friend and continuous search on the net my 1st domain name (but still blogger hosted) became live. I was ecstatic and proud hehe. I gained lots of online friends while blog hopping, I was also able to expand my knowledge on various topics because of blogging and reading posts from other blogs or site.

I continued to blog; keep on adding blogs and I was also introduced to Wordpress and webhosting by my nephew. I bought another domain and asked him to have it hosted on the company where his blogs are also there. Now I have several blogs with different niche that I keep and they are bringing some moolah as well.

Anyway, picking a webhost can be a little tricky sometimes because there are companies who are not stable and not reliable. To get you started and to give you an idea about hosting, try reading this justhost review and also learn more about the Best 10 Webhosting. Sometimes a little researching, asking and reading on our part can help us choose the best. Just some points when you look for a host is that if they offer unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, ease of use and 24/7 tech support just to name a few.

I guess it's time for you to make a blog now bec. not only ordinary individual but those that have business can benefit from it. Good luck and happy blogging!

Monday, March 22, 2010

How's Your Weekend?

Hi everyone I hope you had a great weekend. Did you go shopping, at the beach/pool or just stayed at home?

Saturday was a bit busy day for me having cleaned some parts of the house, gave my dog a bath, cleaned the garage, did a quick errand at a nearby mall (SM). I took the chance to window shop since I rarely go to the malls lately. I tried on some few sandals and found few nice ones. I passed by the kitchen section because I was looking for a cake stand and a deep fryer. Didn't find any bec. the branch that we had is just too small and I think I just need to go to SM Megmall next time and for sure I'll find it there. I also need to scout for a Sharp or a Samsung DVD player there.

Yesterday was a relaxing Sunday. After hearing mass, had lunch at bro's place and went home around 2 pm. Watched TV and took a quick nap. Played with Sophie in the afternoon and then I cooked dinner. The rest of the evening was spent watching TV and browsing online. What about you?

Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 6: Jordan and Jeff- last and Eliminated

Here's the Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 6: Jordan and Jeff- (Newly Dating) last and Eliminated
Yay, I missed the 1st few minutes of the show but anyway here are the results
They are still in France

Team Standings:
1. Louie and Michael -(Detectives) - 3rd time to be in 1st place
2. Carol and Brandy- (Dating)
3. Steve and Allie - (Father/Daughter)
4. Jet and Cord - (Brothers/Cowboys)
5. Dan and Jordan- (Brothers)
Brent and Caite - (Dating Models) - funny thing is that they went straight to the Pitstop w/o doing the last task bec. they followed Carol and Brandy at the pitstop so they went back to do it.
7. Last and Eliminated: Jordan and Jeff- (Newly Dating)


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Braiden and Bianca!

Bianca turned 4 last Feb. 21, while her brother Braiden just turned 7 last March 19. They are my niece and nephew based in Australia. Ahhh... kids really grow so fast and I remember I was in Australia when Bianca was born and I had some time to take care of her. She's just a little sweet baby who always love to sleep, almost all day long that sometimes her mom worry about that hehe and look at her now she's in pre-school already and oh she's a little chatter box too!

Braiden is a sweet boy, a little shy, talks less but he has the sweetest smile. I remember when he was just about 4 or 5 years old, he suffers eczema, where he got rashes and it's a pity to see him scratch his skin until it bleeds. Fortunately, her mom was able to find an eczema treatment for him and it's a miracle that he was able to overcome this ailment now that he is an older kid. He is grade 1 and according to my sister he is making a good progress now.

Last December, their whole family had their vacation here in the Philippines and I can say is that they all had a blast!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

You Can't Do It Pronto

I can always hear people complain about their weight or flabs. Honestly I'm one of them. It's not that I am heavy but my abdomina fats (bilbil) is kinda bothering me. There are times I don't want to wear tight shirts or pants simply because it will be highlighted more. I can only get away with it when I wore pants that has nice cut and fit.

Not only women worry about their weight, guys are becoming conscious these days and thanks to fat burners for men
that can help them in a way. But loosing weight is not an overnight thing, you can't do it pronto and wish you'll slim and fit the next day hehe. It takes self control in eating too much, self discipline to exercise and clean living. This must come hand in hand.

Earth Hour Philippines 2010

I remember participating at the Earth Hour 2009 and I'm hoping I'll be able to participate once again. Earth Hour will be on Saturday 27th March 2010 8.30pm. Earth Hour Earth Hour actually started in Sydney, Australia in 2007. Many joined by turning off their lights off for one hour to make their stand against climate change.

More info at Are you joining this year?

Funny thing is that here in the Phils. we often joked about that we are
always joining Earth Hour almost every day because of the 1-hr rotational brownout in some parts of Mindanao and Visayas and some areas in Luzon.

Brownies Unlimited >> Yum!

I was able to do quite a lot of things this morning. After doing some online works, I gave my dog Sophie a bath. She was quite well behaved today maybe because I used warm water for her bath and she did not feel cold. I also cleaned and brush our garage floor and my niece Reign was helpful.

After lunch time, I went to SM department store for a quick errand to inquire something at Smart. I thought it was also the 3-day Sale of SM so I went inside the store but it turned out that the sale was still on March 26-28. I was there already so I took some few rounds in the store.
Before going home, I bought some pieces of Brownies at Brownies Unlimited. My fave is walnut brownies. Yay, I'm thankful that I don't need any weight loss supplements just in case I gain some few pounds eating them. Just love their brownies because it is moist and yummy!

A Unique Approach

Time is moving fast, in a blink of an eye a day will past without you knowing it. People get busier each day with loads of house chores, office work and online works. Sometimes we forget our own personal time, our ME time. Moms are always busy and handful most especially if they have growing kids where their time is consumed feeding, bathing, playing or just having a quality time with them. Now that summer vacation and school break are here, parents will have another problem on how to keep them busy and behave. There's no doubt that you need to give all the attention and care to your kids but hey, once in a while give yourself a break.

Have some time to go to the parlor, let your hair down; go shopping w/o kids in tow. Visit a friend and have some chit-chats. Clear your mind with all your domestic problems and worries for a while because there’s more than that to see and feel. Smell the flowers, walk in the park, lie down in the grass, put your feet up and read a magazine, have some quiet time and smile with all your heart. All of these will bring so much joy, courage and inspiration.

Teens and young adults go through some anxiety, fears and other worries in life as well and one of the known approach is called wilderness therapy wherein it involves outdoor education or therapy. Outdoor activity with experienced therapist can lead them and teach them how to communicate better, solve problems and express their feelings more without having to yell or be violent.

It’s quite a unique approach and Pacific Quest can be able to deliver and guide all the participants in this program. Participants will have 2 individual and group sessions that will happen in their organic farm. These kinds of program can be beneficial and often give good results to the participants.

Friday, March 19, 2010

When Accidents Happen: My niece Fell on Bed Head First

I went online quarter to 10 pm last night and an offline YM msg. from my nephew Karlo popped asking me if I'm online because her sister Kukay figured in an accident. My heart pumped. I replied but there's no more answer.

I called his mobile and asked what happened and it turns out that her sister fell off from their double deck bed in their dorm head first! Ouch! She was a bleeding and aching neck so he decided to rush her at the nearest hospital. We kept on communicating on the phone because we can't just drive there at their place because it's to far, they are in Manila while we are in Eastern Rizal.

He called again and told me that he needs to transfer her sister at another hospital because there's no xray machine at the hospital where they went it 1st. He immediately rushed to Ospital ng Maynila to be examined.

Their parents are abroad working but we managed to tell them what happened. At around 11pm or so my mom, SIL and bro drove fast to the hospital to check on them. It took a while before she was examined and we are very happy to know that her x-ray is negative, meaning there's no bones cracked. Her forehead was swollen and has a a lump on the head. I was sleepless the whole night thinking what's happening. I went to sleep at 4:00 am already waiting for mom etc to come home.

The doctor prescribed some medicines and advised them they need to observe if she's going to vomit blood or something. If that is the case she needs to see a doctor asap. But for now she is good, I even called her on the phone this morning and she said she is in the univ. and will take her final exams. Thanks God that she is ok now.

Diamonds are Forever

I know every woman would love to have one or 2 pieces of diamonds in her possession. Why not? Diamonds are known to be one of the precious stones in the world and as we all know its woman’s bestfriend so to speak. A good example of a woman who loves wearing them is my sis, can you believe she wears not only one diamonds on her fingers?

I remember before she and her husband got married here in the Phils., her husband gave her a diamond engagement ring that he bought in Australia. Ahhh... of course my sister melted upon seeing it and I don’t blame her bec. who can resist that? I heard that he still keeps on giving her diamonds (real one huh) most during her birthdays and anniversaries. Lucky girl eh? Hmmm.. I think I have to ask her to give me one. Kidding aside, I personally would love to own even just simple diamond ring that I can keep for life, I guess I have to save more for than so I can have one in the future.

Aside from land estates, jewelry has by far for many is a good keep sake and investment. Why not? They increase value through the years as long as it is well taken care of and it is a nice piece of heirloom that you can pass on. Diamonds in particular are very popular among women and sometimes it’s always daunting to buy diamonds just anywhere bec. diamonds can be mistaken for cubic zirconiums and the likes. I reckon it is better to buy them at reputable stores and you must remember the four C's — cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

You’ll find it helpful to browse online and read diamond buying guide and other informative articles at Wold Jewels to educate you further. Feel free to browse their online catalgoue for their wide selection of unique pieces that they have. I'm sure that you'll find a perfect piece for yourself that you can keep for years and years to come or a nice piece for your loved one.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Too Many to Blog

Aside from tons of online works that I need to make posts before they even reached their deadline, I have some other personal post and photos that I needed to share here on my blog. Blame it on my sometimes being lazy downloading photos and blogging about it. I've been extending my working hours till about midnight each day so I can finish them off and I hope I will not be running fast to find the best face creams in town just to put on my face to remedy the sprouting lines on my face.

Here are some of topics that I needed to share here. I just hope I can do it real soon.
1. January Despedida Party
2. Make-Over of my dog Sophie and her recovery from her ailment
3. My Nephew as a Knights of the Altar
4. Outing of Dither
5. Scrapping
6. My recent loots
and lots more..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to Cooking

I'm no cooking expert or what but lately I've been back to cooking once again. It's not that I'm cooking gourmet or complicated meals but just simple and easy foods for me and mom. I'll cook in the morning for our lunch and whatever I cook then that will be our dinner too. I hope in the future I can cook more deli and complicated dishes that is if I have enough time.

For lunch today I cooked Sweet and Sour Chicken and it turned out good, but oooops I forgot to put some carrots hehe.. Want some?? (sorry for the quality of photo, I just took it with my laptop camera)
I remember the days when I used to cook our regular lunch meals but since I got busy with work, I kinda set it aside. Mom took over the cooking but lately I got to try it once again when my work routine changed. I decided to work online during mornings at our house and later after lunch time it's the time I can go to my net cafe. My SIL is the one scheduled to be there in the morning and I'm scheduled in the afternoon till 8 pm. I guess it's working good for both of us but there are times that I need to go there early because she has to go to the office on Tues and Thurs..

Monday, March 15, 2010

Certified Lakwatsera

That is what GLO is, a certified "lakwatsera", someone who is always on the go, trying new things and who loves to traveling. Just last February, she came home from alone from the US w/o his hubby to have a grand vacation here in Pinas. She was able to go to I think Bohol and some other places. We,(Bebots) were also able to meet her when we get together in Astoria for our Grand EB last Feb. 19th. It was just a riot. We even gave her a shirt with a word "lakwatsera" printed on it.
Photo grabbed from Aggie's Flickr acct.

As a true blue traveler, she flew to Dallas this weekend with her husband only to watch the Manny Pacquaio vs Joshua Clottey boxing event at the Cowboy Stadium and even attended the after fight party of Manny. Sosyal hehe.

Anyway, in the future I will not wonder anymore if she'll take an Orlando vacations
soon because she really loves to travel and take a vacation. She is also a certified bargain hunter and our personal shopper. Actually she deserves it because she works real hard throughout the year. Hmmmm I wonder where she's going this Holy Week?

Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 5: Joe and Heidi Last and Eliminated

Here's the Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 5: Joe and Heidi last and Eliminated
From Germany they flew to France

Team Standing:
1. Louie and Michael -(Detectives)
2. Steve and Allie - (Father/Daughter)
3. Jet and Cord - (Brothers/Cowboys)
4. Dan and Jordan- (Brothers)
5. Carol and Brandy- (Dating)
6. Brent and Caite - (Dating Models) - they did not get the clue after they have done the detour so they went back to get it
7 . Jordan and Jeff- (Newly Dating)
8. Last and Eliminated: Joe and Heidi - (Married) bec. they can't translate the Morse code when they did the Blind U-TURN. They were U-turned by Louie and Michael (Detectives)


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Manny Pacquiao WON against Joshua Clottey

The fight is over Manny Pacquiao WON against Joshua Clottey (Ghana) by unanimous decision!!! He is still the WBO Welterweight Champion of the world. No doubt about it because Clottey is too afraid to throw punches and he is just guarding his It's not an exciting fight unlike what he had with Morales, Hatton, and Cotto etc. The fight was held March 13, 2010 at Dallas Cowboy Stadium (March 14, 2010- Phil. Time).

I was able to watch the fight via live streaming at (thanks!). For me the bout is sooooooo Some screenshots of the fight.
Anyway, another victory for MANNY PACQUIAO, he gave honors to our country once again. He never forgets to dedicate his fight to us Pinoy who are supporting him on his every fight. He has one of the hardest job in the world bec. his life is always at stake. Go, Manny we are proud of you!!

So if you missed the live streaming online, you can watch the delayed telecast at GMA 7 and later at Solar TV (RPN) 9.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Free Smart Buddy Load and Verzio Phone

About a month ago my nephew Karlo, was given by one of his client some free smart load and a cellphone as a gift of sort. He got 7 pcs. of P500 worth of Smart Buddy pre-paid load card and 1 pc of Verzio slimfit cellphone. Unfortunately he doesn't like the Verzio phone bec. he already have a Smart N series phone so he also gave it away.

We are lucky because almost all of us in the family uses Smart as a provider so he gave us one each of the card. Would you believe that up to now, I still have not consumed the P500 load, it only shows that I seldom text and Good thing is that I think it will expire for 2- 2 1/2 months.

Landscaped Garden

Got no green thumb and actually I’m not that crazy when it comes to planting or watering the plants like my mom who’s already in her small garden after waking in the morning. Actually her garden at home became smaller because my cheeky shitzu dog is digging her plants for some reason that she had to remove them eventually, hahaha. Mom of course was angry but she has no choice but to put plants only at the sides of the house now but if she’ll have her way she’ll fill our garden with flowering plants.

Anyway, at least she still has a little garden space for her to “talk” to her plants and nurture them with her love. I remember the days when she went to the market to buy food but ends up going home with tons of plants for her to plant. I guess planting and tilling the soil is her therapy to combat being bored.

I reckon if we only have more spacious garden for sure she’ll not have second thoughts of have it landscaped. Landscape Design services are readily available now these days. In fact, lots of home owners or even those that have resorts are seeking their services for they can magically convert a dull space to a dream garden.
*This is a sponsored post

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My HS Alma Mater's Golden Alumni Homecoming

It was last February 26 when our dear high school Alma Mater celebrated it's Golden Jubilee and Grand Alumni Homecoming at the school grounds. Batches from the year 1964 up to 2009 gathered in this memorable event.

It was always fun to see my former batchmates who are always active and very game to pose for the camera. It was about 7 or 8 pm when the program started where citations, games and performances are done. It was a potluck so we had tons of food, luckily I was able to bring some of them at home for we can't consume all of them.
Aiza Seguerra is our special guest of the evening
Our Batch ('84) didn't finished the program, we left the venue at around 1:30 am and proceeded to the condo unit of one of our batchmates to eat again and have more chikas. Still it was sooooo much fun eventhough it's past midnight already. We are also planning another get together this coming April or May and I'm getting excited over it. We went home at 3:00 am in the morning after that.


Hey everyone, what are you up to these days? Investing on something? Trying to be frugal or wanting to earn a little extra? If you are leaning towards investing then perhaps you can consider to buy gold bullion or any form of gold since time and again we all know that gold is precious and have good and worth value in the market. It is said that investing on gold is picking up again and almost always a good form of investment. I guess if you want to put your eggs on that trading, you must equip yourself first with proper knowledge about that industry so you’ll not fumble along the way. Good luck!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 4: Jordan and Jeff last but NOT Eliminated

Hey, good morning everyone. It's another day for The Amazing Race results here. Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 4: Jordan and Jeff last but NOT Eliminated
From Argentina they flew to Germany
INTERSECTION: they need to team up with another team to work together to complete a roadblock
ROADBLOCK: Bungee Jumping
DETOUR: Soccer or Sauer-Kraut
PITSTOP: Indra Bar

Team Standing:

Louie and Michael -(Detectives)
2. Steve and Allie - (Father/Daughter)
3. Joe and Heidi - (Married)
4. Jet and Cord - (Brothers/Cowboys)
5. Carol and Brandy- (Dating)
6. Dan and Jordan- (Brothers)
7. Brent and Caite - (Dating Models)
8. Last but NOT Eliminated:
Jordan and Jeff- (Newly Dating)


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ongoing Construction

My 6 yr old niece wanted to have her own little space in their house but since they have a small house she'll only be sharing the room with his brother. First, they need to get rid some of the toys and clothes not being used to give way for another bed.

Now my bro decided to make an extension of their kids' room as a storage room. I'm sure my niece will be delighted to see her new space once it's clear already. Her fave cartoon character or a Murray Feiss lights can also be installed as well. I'm guessing that probably next week the construction and clearing up will be done. I just hope the builders will be fast enough to do their job.

Friday, March 5, 2010

RCBC's Customer Service Sucks Big Time!!

Ok, i just have to blurt this out. I am actually angry and annoyed at the RCBC bank branch near my house. I requested for a Bank Statement last DECEMBER (take note of this) before Christmas because we are going to trace missing money sent by my sister in Riyadh last Oct. but up to this date they CAN'T GIVE ME the bank statement!

I'm not asking for any merchant account reseller or something, all I want is a BANK STATEMENT!!!!!! and they can't give it to me. It's already March and the teller said it has not arrived (request will come from the main branch). The teller told me that request will take only about 1 WEEK but forgive me for being angry it's already MARCH for God sake!

I've been following it up many times at the bank and the last time I went there was last Thurs. and he told me for sure it will be here today. I'll be coming back on Monday bec. i got a bit sick today and if it's not there on Monday, I don;t know what will I do next.. Argghhhhh..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just Chillin'

Yay! March sneaked so quickly that I need to assess myself if I've done good on the 1st quarter of this year and I can say that I must have done pretty well. I hope this will be another busy month for me so that I'll be more creative and more moolah will be rolling in.

Oh I just finished my Project 365 (Photo-a-day) layout and I'm so happy and proud of myself to have done that. I already had it printed over at Artscow availing of the promo that they have and I'll be sharing the finished photobook once it arrived. This year I'm not doing the Proj. 365 anymore because, I must say that it is tiring. Imagine taking photos each day and putting them in a layout weekly is a hard work.

Anyway, I'm just chillin' a bit (work wise) right now and that gave me more time to browse lots of blogs/sites and that includes e-Bay.. yippers lol .

Monday, March 1, 2010

Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 3: Monique and Shawne are Eliminated

Hey, good morning everyone. It's another day for The Amazing Race results here. Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 3: Monique and Shawne are Eliminated
From Chile they flew to Argentina
ROADBLOCK: Steer Roping
DETOUR: Horse Sense or Horse Power

Team Standing:
1. Jet and Cord - (Brothers/Cowboys)
Steve and Allie - (Father/Daughter)
3. Carol and Brandy- (Dating)
4. Joe and Heidi - (Married)
5. Jordan and Jeff- (Newly Dating)
6. Dan and Jordan- (Brothers)
7. Brent and Caite - (Dating Models)
8. Louie and Michael -(Detectives)
9. Last and Eliminated:
Monique and Shawne- (Moms / Attorneys)