Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PR Update

Oh dear, Google had a pr (page rank) update again. Upon reading the tweet of a friend, I checked all the prs of my blogs and voila, most of them went 1 notch down and others went up. The bad part is that I lost another pr3, which is very very sad to know and if you’re a blogger who is monetizing a blog, then you’d know why it is important to have a pr3 blog.

All of my twitters friends were all dismayed over this g update and we’re just hoping that in few months time our pr will get higher, a pr3 is always great. Anyway, hoping for more good things to come. It’s not the end of the world anyway hehe.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Scrapped!

Typhoon Falcon made me oh so lazy to cook our lunch today so I just asked my bro to buy viands. The weather was cold and very conducive to sleeping and lazing around.

Thankfully, our place didn’t have any floods but sad to hear and see at the news about some people staying at evacuation centers.


I managed to do some digi-scrapping layouts but so lazy to blog. Right now, it’s already past midnight and I’m still awake. Uploading my layouts at Artscow so I can have it printed. Yey! Tomorrow, hope to work on my online assignments.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Colds Be Gone

Hachuu!! Sorry, please excuse me :(.

I have a cold since the other day and I can feel that it is getting a little bit worst today. The weather has been crazy for the past few days and I guess that is the culprit. How can you not get sick when the weather will be hot and very humid in the morning till afternoon then later on, the rain will just fall making it more humid and sticky.

I need to take my cold medicine already tonight or else I’ll be sicker. Sad part is, I have no health plan that can cover when I get hospitalized.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tangled Time

IMG_0475 IMG_0477
Since there are lots of appliances that were on sale at SM from Samsung, Sony and lg lcd tv brands and more, I bought a new Samsung LCD TV last April. Finally our old Sharp TV was replaced already and we’re so happy.

Only few days after I bought it, it was last summer vacation where my nieces and nephews gather at our house to watch movies and here they are watching Tangled eventhough they have seen it in the theater already. It seems that they can’t get enough of this movie esp. my little niece.

Adding a Plug-In at My Windows Live Writer

I just love using Windows LiveWriter these days as it makes my blogging a lot more easier and faster than before. Actually, I started using this in 2008 for few days only because my blog theme is kinda messed that time when I used it. Now, I’m back using a newer version and fortunately it has improved. I have a little problem with the split post though using a blogger blog because it’s not available at Live Writer at the moment.

I know I would not settle just like that so I searched online and voila, I found a plugin for the blogger excerpt that I can use here. It’s just easy to download and insert here at my livewriter and when I need it, I already know what to do.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Badly Needs a Haircut

Well, it’s been 3 months ago since I had my haircut and color and I guess this it’s already time to hit the salon once again. I’m having bad hair days all the time and that is a sure sign that I need to have it trimmed because it’s already becoming unmanageable. My coarse, thick and long hair needs the caress of my hairstylist and 3 inches off the length seems good enough.My white hairs are showing up also and it’s kinda unsightly to see them especially when I tie my hair up high.

Crazy Over 2-NE-1 and other Korean Singers

image My teenage niece can’t help to giggle and be giddy everytime K-Pop groups came to the country for their concerts. Just last week, she asked permission (actually she didn’t hehe) to go out at night for she and her friends will watch 2-NE-1 concert at the Araneta Coliseum. I just saw her all clad up and I asked her where she is going and there she told me she’s going to watch the concert.

Oh dear, she came home aboard a taxi (which I found very scary) at around midnight after the concert. heir friends will be going out for a drink after the event but she decided not to come with them so she went home with a friend.

Anyway, I have seen her bought some CD of their album and even ordered online some 2-NE-1 posters. Yay, she’s getting over heels with these Korean pop group. Ok well, I can understand her anyway because when I was a teenager, I was crazy over Puerto Rican grp. named MENUDO in the 80’s hahaha..

Sister’s Lolly and Dessert Table Set Up Business

Sweet Home Parties

My sister finally had her own business. She’s been thinking of what business to put up for while and I’m happy for her that she found what she loves doing. She’s setting up up lolly and dessert table for themed parties in their area in Sydney and with the looks of it, she’s enjoying and earning from it. Apart from that she can make themed cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies to match your party.

She’s just starting out and I hope she’ll get more clients. I’ve been doing design layouts for her tags, invitations, bunting, cake toppers and more. I also made a simple website/blog for her and there are still have more work to be done there. In the meantime, you can check out their Facebook page first, SWEET HOME PARTIES.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Minor Road Accident

Just the other day, my brother witnessed a minor road accident in front of his store. A motorbike that he believes to be running very fast accidentally slipped in the road. It was raining that day and how could anyone drive so fast? His turned over motorbike even injured a kid walking in the street.. Tsk tsk..

Seeing the accident, my brother and other people rushed to the scene to check them. The kid can’t move and still conscious while the driver is in pain as well. They called our local emergency hosp. and the police and soon after, they are transported to the nearby hospital. Such accident is something that we don’t wish to happen in us and to our family but we really can’t predict when will an accident will occur.

In this case, the kid’s parent should file a claim for the injury that their son got. There are many lawyers that can assist clients with personal injuries such as the Austin Personal Injury Lawyer
in Texas area. I’m just hoping both the motorbike rider and the kid are in good condition already.

Nail Art

nail art nail art

My sister has been jumping from one hobby to another and last year she got hooked to nail art. She’s been doing it on her nails and on her 2 daughters and I’m sure they are having fun while their mom fix them up with cute and beautiful nails.

She can make flowers, fruit images and more on  nails depending on  her mood. I got these photos on her FB acct. but right now she’s not been making some nail arts as she became busy with some other craft and hobbies.

Of Digi-Scrapping and Designing

If I have time, I’m still digi-scrapping and designing, They are my current hobbies right now and sure it is fun. In fact, I have done about 15 simple multiple photo layouts last week when my internet was down. I still need to finish some more layouts to complete 2 photobooks that I wanted to order at ARTSCOW.

Speaking of ARTSCOW, I’m designing for them but lately I have not made a new kit since there are times that I’m too busy with my online works. Check out my gallery and hoping you can use it on your projects.
my artscow gallery of kits my artscow gallery of kits

Migraine and Topamax

There are times when I experienced severe migraines when my period is coming, too tired or when the weather is just too hot & humid to bear. Often times, I tried not to drink any medicine but instead just put some this Chinese Katinko ointment on my nape, forehead and temples to relieve the pain. Sometimes it worked but when it’s so severe, I have no choice but to drink my Ibuprofen medicine that will take effect after 30 mins. or so.

I learned that there’s also a drug that can treat migraine and that is Topamax drug which is also given to patients with epilepsy. Though it can cure such ailments, it was recently found out that this drug can cause birth defects on babies when you took this drug when you are pregnant. Wow, such a tragic circumstance. Now, you can file a Topamax lawsuit if you’ve been a victim of this drug.

The Rain Has Stopped

Good day everyone. Now, that the storm has passed, I’m hoping that Mr. Sun will give you some smile in your faces. Last Wednesday, I’ve been curling up in our sofa and in my bed when the rain has been non-stop. It was indeed a bed weather and if only I can still drink coffee, a hot mug of it will surely warms my stomach. I just had delicious champorado paired with fried dilis that was cooked by mom.

Today, I woke with a sunshine peeking at my room and I know for sure that this will be a nice day. I’m just hoping that it will not be too hot once again as I have tons of work that I need to finish.

Anyway, students are back to school (in our area) and I guess mommies can already do their laundry hehe.. Matutuyo yan .

Monday, June 6, 2011

Meet Up with My Co-Blogger/ DigiScrapper Friends

 at Mann Hann with my inaanak CATE at pancake House

no meet up should end without  a grp. picture

I wasn’t suppose to come on the meet up because I had an appointment with my dentist but I could not resist seeing my blogger/digi-scrapper friends once again so I had to come.

It was last Friday, June 3rd where we had lunch at Mann Hann in Trinoma. Actually, that is the first that I was able to go to Trinoma in QC since it’s a bit too far from our place. I rode a jeepney, fx, then finally MRT before I arrived there at around 12:30pm.

I strolled Shangrila Plaza first in Mandaluyong since it’s been ages also since the last time I went there, then after about 30 mins. I decided to proceed t Trinoma. I also strolled the mall first, getting inside some shops with Sale signage firsts hehehe. (Nilubos ang laboy..lol)

There we all dined at Mann Hann but sadly, I didn’t enjoy the food. We then all transferred at Pancake House where I ate blueberry pancake. The taste was good, nothing spectacular. We all had laughs and endless chika. We’re noisy at our table but that’s what will happen when you gather all bloggers who have a lot to say hehe..

We then accompanied Diane to do her shopping for her baby (my godchiild Cate) and later on Caryl and I left them at around 5:30 pm where I proceeded at SM Megamall where I bought Tefal cookware. Yay, it was expensive but I know it’ll be durable.

It is seldom that I went shopping at the city, so I decided to drop by Robinson’s Galleria after shopping at SM Megamall. Yay, super laboy ako haha.. Went home too tired but it was fun. Wish to meet these ladies again soon.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Is This the Time to do This?

Oh.. I just love bags. The thought of using one bag from another depending on my mood or what attire that I'm wearing excites me. Lately, I'm leaning towards branded bags, thanks to my online friend in the US for selling us authentic Coach, Kate Spade, Gucci bags and more at a very good price so I was able to purchase some. I'm also dreaming of owning an LV and Gucci but it seems so impossible to own one because they are just too pricey.

Maybe if I have more money I’ll just buy gold bullion as an investment aside from branded bags. If that will be the case, I know that US Gold Bureau is a good source for gold and other precious metals. With all the raves that I’ve been hearing about gold as an investment, there’s a possibility that it’ll be on my wish list.