Thursday, April 30, 2009

Litratong Pinoy: Tulay (Bridge)

Theme for these week is BRIDGE. I thought I'll never have an entry for this week but I saw these on my files. join us at Litratong Pinoy.

Image Hosted by
bridge at Daydream Island in Australia
Image Hosted by
oops huling huli pa kong naglalakad para mag posing sa tulay

To Upgrade or Not?

Image Hosted by
This is the notice that has been displaying at my FLICKR ACCT. for many days now. It says that some of my photos are hidden now and only the recent 200 photos are being displayed. I don't want to upgrade to PRO at this moment bec. the fee is too expensive $24.95 (much expensive than my yearly domain fee of only $7.99). hehe kuripot!

I am letting it like that bec. my flickr acct. is only for viewing purposes only and not as my archive for photos. Maybe ... just maybe i will upgrade to pro.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Project 365: Wild Mushroom

PROJECT 365: Wild Mushroom
April23 (THURSDAY) Day-113
Been raining the whole week and very unusual for summer here. Actually it's the 1st time in many years that it's been raining everyday for whole week. I reckon it must be due to climate change.

Found this tiny wild mushroom that sprouted at the stairs of our storage room. Wish I had a macro lens so that I can took at shot of it too close.

Silver Thoughts

Every time I pass by at the jewelry shop in greenhills or at Robinson’s I always saw this shop that sells silver jewelries. I never bothered to go inside and look around bec. I’m not that fascinated with  silver jewelries because I’m a gold kinda girl. Just noticed that there a quite a lot of customers coming in and shopping for silvers and it made me think that perhaps it is indeed of good quality.

My curiosity sets in so I went inside and to my surprise; there are quite good and nice designs of silvers. I was into gold so I wasn’t keen on buying silver but with the looks of it, silver can be a good investment too. I remember coming across a site that sells and buy silver and other precious metals so that change my thinking about silver metals.

Things I Want to Learn

I have many things that I still want to learn and hopefully can achieve it sooner or later but if not, it's just fine with me.
1. Drive a car
2. Drive a motorbike ( i only know how to drive a bicycle hehe)
3. Play the guitar
4. Make a website using pure codes bec. I can only make one using MS Frontpage

Proj. 365: Rainy Summer Days

PROJECT 365: Rainy Day
What??? Rainy Summer Days. Oh yeah it's been raining for the past few days and to think it was still summer. It's very unusual bec. rainy season will start end of May but I guess the wet season has started so early and we have nothing to do bec. it's from Mother nature.

Anyway, It was a gloomy afternoon photoshoot with my niece Kathleen and she was really game to pose for the camera with her umbrella. Actually it has drizzles that time but we still continued the fun shoot. She told me she's gonna put this on her frindster album hehe. I was not satisfied with the shots though bec. there was not enough light.

Choosing the Right Web Host

There are many webhosting companies online now that can host your blog or website but sometimes we don’t know if they will meet our expectations and they are really reputable, dedicated and dependable one. Reputable web host is a must bec. you’d certainly not go to a website which is always down, right? Downtime, is always annoying and if that is your website or web journal then for sure your readers or even clients will be discouraged and disappointed. It’s never too good if you’re always unavailable online.

For those that are searching for a webhost you can check out Web hosting Choice here is their website for they have hosting packages that will suit your personal or business website needs. They also have great article that can help you learn more about hosting and other terms.

If you browse further down their website, you’ll get to see their ranking of the best web hosting
sites. Topping their list is Just host and my own domain host is 1and1 is on the top 8. Check them out so you can compare prices and packages. Plus don’t fail to read the reviews so that you’ll have some insight on the hosting that you want to get.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Shopping??

It's all over the newspaper and TV news about SM Megamall 3-day sale on April 30- May1-3 2009 and I am actually thinking if I will go there on the weekend bec. It's Reign's b-day on the 2nd and it's Pacman's fight on the 3rd (i'll watching it on TV).

I also wanted to go bec. I know there are lots of sale items like shirts/blouses and even women's shoes for sure. At the back of my mind, I can just stay home and it will save me money if I will not go out. Sometimes I realize that when I go to sales, I tend to buy impulsively bec. it is on sale. Hmmm... I'll be thinking 'bout this anyway.

Filipino-Australian Jal Joshua is the Second Place Winner of Australia's Got Talent 2009

I heard this on the news last night that a 12-year-old Filipino-Australian Jal Joshua Lebumfacil won as the Second Price Winner in Australia’s Got Talent 2009. He's got a good voice actually.
Grand Winner is - Mark Vincent

Sunday, April 26, 2009

No one is Eliminated YET at Amazing RACE 14 Episode 10 plus VIDEO

They flew to Beijing, China and they head to a massage parlor where they got their next clue.
-Only one person per team will perform this. They had the shock of their lives when they received a 10 min traditional foot massage that involves pleasure and pain. They need to drink a tea 1st then got the massage. Jaime was even crying bec.of the pain, while Luke can't help biting his cap.

After that they headed to an Auditorium to get their next clue.
SYNC - They need to dive simultaneously and they will be given points by the judge
SWIM- They need to swim 400m relays which is so tiring
**Jen got a major breakdown here.

RESULTS of the THE Amazing RACE 14 Episode 10
No one is Eliminated YET at Amazing RACE 14 Episode 10
1. Jaime and Cara - They really wanted to be the 1st team to arrive but they were shock (ME too) when Phil told them that there is no elimination tonight. This EPISODE is none elimination bec. there is a Twist.. they still have a task to do that will be shown on the next episode..

Wow this is exciting!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm the Guest Photographer at Litratong Pinoy

I am very pleased to be have been asked by the admin to be the guest photographer for the week at Litratong Pinoy. We are a group of Pinoy bloggers who aside from blogging loves to take photographs. These week our theme GUSALI (BUILDING). I hope you can join and take a peek at my entry there.

You can see my whole article and lots of photos at LITRATONG PINOY

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bebot's EB with Trinity

Last April 17, 2009 I met my co Bebots (blogger/disgi-scrapper) friends at BSA Tower for our EB. What makes it more special is bec. Trinity came from the US to meet us too..

More Stories and photos at my MAIN BLOG
PROJECT 365: Bebot's EB
Photo taken by Aggie

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm a Fan of Salamat Dok!

I have been watching Salamat Dok TV (Thanks Doc), medical TV program over at Channel 2 every Sat. and Sunday and I have many things learned from the show. It is hosted by Cheryl Cosim and i must say that she is good at it. They are talking about different diseases or ailments each episode and what makes it more interesting is that they always see to it that they have a certified doctor that will answer all of their viewers questions about that topic.

They also have a segment where they show the diet of a celebrity and a nutritionist will say if it is a good one. They also share tips on just about anything being healthy. A regular of the show Dr. Tam Mateo who advocates healthy lifestyle and vegetarian also holds a free seminar i guess every week. He also have cleansing diets, I'm not sure if it is the same as the Colonix that I saw online. I missed last Sat. show bec. I was out, i'll be watching their future episodes. Are you watching the show too?

MARK AND MICHAEL Eliminated at Amazing RACE 14 Episode 9 plus VIDEO

Watched today's episode over at Studio 23 and oh boy it was exciting as ever. There are 5 teams left and here is what happened. From Bangkok they flew to Guilin China and proceed to a salon to get their clue. Jen and Luke had a small fight when they are fighting to get the clue on the clue box. Jen called Luke a bitch.

They need to go to #24 Bridge to get another clue..
- They need to toss a fish on the water and then the bird will have to catch it and give it back to them. they need to do it 10x.
SPEEDBUMP - Performed by Mark and Michael bec. of their previous penalty on the last episode (8)
CHOREOGRAPHY - They need to dance and join the Chinese morning dance routine
CALLIGRAPHY - Intricate Chinese Art- they need to copy Chinese characters that calligraphers will do and they need to have it stamped when they are finish copying, I guess they are using custom rubber stamps for that.
A heated argument occurred between Kisha & Jen and Margie & Luke where Luke called Kisha and Jen bitch for laughing at him while he was explaining. This has even brought me into tears.
RESULTS Amazing RACE 14 Episode 9
1. Kisha and Jen
2. Tammy and Victor

3. Margie and Luke-
4.Jaime and Cara
Here is the part 1 of Amazing RACE 14 Episode 9 more at You Tube


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Excited Over Bebot's EB !!!

Wow.. I'll be meeting some of my co-Bebots (digiscrappers) again on Friday and oh boy every one seems to be so excited. Actually I have already went to the parlor yesterday for my needed hair color and hair spa session. It will be in Makati and with the looks of it there'll be endless chit chats and over flowing camera posing lol.

I am really keen on meeting my co-digiscrappers eventhough I have already met some of them when we have our 1st EB last Feb. 2007. Diane will be coming from Albay just for this occasion and too bad not all can come. Anyway, I am pretty sure that all of us wants to look good that day and I hope I will not have zits on my face that day or else I'll be cramming for acne treatments and I don't want that to happen.

Yay 3 more days!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Friday Procession

Hello everyone.. We joined the Holy Friday procession in our town and the procession of AMBA this is one of the most awaited event during the Holy Week. In this video, you can see many devotees and Catholics that joined the procession.

We were a bit lucky to be have a good elevated position to watch the rest of the procession so I was able to video this.

AMBA (dead Christ) waiting to be brought inside the church

Non-Elimination Round at Amazing RACE 14 Episode 8 plus VIDEO

Glad that Amazing RACE 14 Episode 8 was shown today.

The participants flew to Bangkok Thailand.
ROAD BLOCK: They need to attach propeller at the Long Tail Boat.

they need to match the false teeth from 5 person (gross task.. eww) ONLY Margie and Luke did this
~ BROKEN RECORD - Party Taxi - they need to sing karaoke inside the a taxi toge. with 3 Thai locals... this is fun and exciting

1. Margie and Luke- I hope they will win
2. Jaime and Cara
3. Tammy and Victor
4. Kisha and Jen - given penalty bec. the forgot their bags and passports at the dock
5. LAST MARK AND MICHAEL but they were NOT eliminated
-They were also given 4 hr. penalty (2 hrs each) for breaking rules twice by giving personal effects to the taxi drivers like watch, flashlight etc.

Here's the PART 1 VIDEO of Amazing RACE 14 Episode 8 More at You Tube


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photohunt:: Triangle

PROJECT 365: Yummy Yema!!!
Photohunt: TRIANGLE. I was craving for something sweet last Monday so I went to the store to buy some of these oh so yummy sweet triangle shaped YEMA which is only P5.00 per piece.

Bro and mom saw it and they wanted to have it but i said later bec. I still have to take pic of They can't wait for it actually. I had a sugar overload that day yay!! Want some??? I HAVE ANOTHER ENTRY at my other blog.
Want Some?
Hmmm yum

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Skittles TV Ad with a Filipino Speaking Tagalog

I was sound tripping this afternoon at You Tube when I stumbled upon this commercial of Skittles wherein there is a Filipino speaking Tagalog in it.. I was actually laughing at it.. LOL

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Palm Sunday

PROJECT 365: Palm Sunday
I almost forgot to share this.Took this photo at our church last Sunday when we attended Palm Sunday. There are many church goers carrying palm that will be blessed by the priest. MORE PHOTOS HERE
PALM SUNDAY, is a big event here in the Phils. All Catholics gather in the church to commemorate the entry of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. We bring our PALASPAS or decorated palm fronds to church to be blessed after the mass and later on we put in our doors at home.

Scorching Hot !!

I was out this morning to file my ITR Income tax return at the BIR office and it consumed half of my day but when I got there, the officer didn't want to stamp it bec. i forgot to put my community tax number. I have no choice but to go back here at my store to get it and returned there again.

It's Holy Wednesday and oh gosh it's scorching hot outside!! I am guessing that it was about 37-38C around mid lunch time and of boy how'd I wish I am in Orlando taking my Orlando vacations!! Almost all the establishments will be closed starting tomorrow in observance of the Holy Week. I bet it will more hot these coming days. Have a blessed week everyone!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Imelda Marcos included at NEWSWEEK'S Greediest People of All Time

Heard this on the news last night that Imelda Marcos as one of Greediest People of All Time that was compiled by NEWSWEEK.

On the list were:
1. Marcus Licinus Crassus (115BC-53BC)
2. Genghis Kahn (1162-1227)
3. Pope Sixtus IV (1471)
4. William H. Vanderbilt (1821-1844)
5. William M. "Boss" Tweed (1823-1878)
6. Empress Dowager Cixi (1835-1908)
7. Charles Ponzzi (1882-1949)
8. Imelda Marcos (1929-)
9. Ivan Boesky (1937-)
10. Dennis Kozlowski (1946-)
11. Bernard Mardoff (1938-)
Read more about the Article: at Newsweek

Sunday, April 5, 2009

WS: Let's Play Hula Hoop!

We had so much fun last Saturday afternoon. Saw my niece and nephew playing with the hula hoop so I joined in. It's been a while since I played so I made only few rounds. I think I better do this everyday to keep my waist smaller too.. LOL.

I took photos and turned them into animation..My nephew took my photos and look I made a fool out of myself but what the heck.. IT'S FUN!! LOL I have another entry HERE
Image Hosted by
Take a look at my nephew he is more graceful in playing the hula hoop. Imagine he made about 100 rounds before it fell.

Image Hosted by


It's the time of the month once again and oh boy, it's giving me a hard time and pain once again. How I wish i will not suffer every month but that's part part of being a woman so I don't have to complain?? Yay,I have some leg cramps, cold feet, pain and emotional outburst right now and i blame it on my hormones.

But sometimes I feel I'm still lucky enough that I am only experiencing PMS every month bec. when I come to think of it there are far more serious or debilitating disorder or conditions that I would not want to have such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction). Here are some of the signs and symptoms: Headaches or Migraines, Popping or Clicking in Your Jaw, Pain in the Head, Neck, Face, or Jaw, Tingling Extremities and more. IF you are afraid that you might have it, there are experts in San Diego TMJ Treatments that can help you. You just need to consult your doctor about this.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Went to Visit Nanay

Image Hosted by
I closed my shop early last Thurs. so that I can visit my bestfriend RACEL's mom. She was operated bec. she lost her vision for a week due to cataract. She was fortunate and we are all happy that her right eye's vision was restored instantly after a lens was implanted on it. Too bad the left eye was left untreated and i guess it will not see bec. a vein erupted. I hope she'll get better soon.

Happy to visit them once again and of course the night is not enough for our chitchats. Oh BTW, this photo was taken by Racel's daughter.

Ohhh I can't wait..

I have been meaning to have a laptop for the longest time and always wanted to have an HP since I already got a desktop. How many times I have been to computers shops in Greenhills and in Megamall just to look for a good deal on HP Pavillion laptop but I have not came across a price that will suit my budget.

With the price of HP pavillion, i can't afford it right now, I'm still waiting for the sale price of it or else i just wish I can get one at a wholesale electronics store. I just can't contain my excitement and wanting to have a laptop, i guess you can already understand that feeling.

Photohunt:: Stripes

Image Hosted by
It's Summer here and it's time to head to the beach . Wear your fave striped flip flops , summer dress or whatever while sipping piƱa colada in a hammock under the coconut tree. It's the time to enjoy vacation! Join us at PHOTOHUNT

My Fave Things

Snagged this from Chikai.

1. Time of the Day: From 9pm and onwards. This is the time when I get to watch my fave TV show in my room till midnight.
2. Food: Filipino.
3. Holiday: Christmas.
4. Season: Summer but hate the sticky and humid days
5. Movie: Serendipity
6. Pet: Sophie _Shittshu, Bell - Cat, Jac Jac- hamster
7. Color: Earth Colors and shades of greem
8. Book: I love reading magazines instead of books
9. Song: One Last Song by A1. Dunnon but if i hear this song it makes me feel sentimental
10. Fast Food Chain: Jollibee but rarely eat there now, it's not that I am dieting or something.

Thanks Che for this I'm off to read this diet pill site that I came across.

Friday, April 3, 2009

People and Recession

Just how many times have we seen and heard in the news about the global financial crisis? Not every employee gets to keep their jobs and even some executives sadly lost theirs. It’s even painful for some of our overseas contract workers to return back home with their bags and few dollars that they have saved. Big companies and stores have reduced production and man power that lead to massive laid off.

With the recession goin’ on no one needs to be picky. Those that are in high position before didn’t have second thoughts of taking any low position jobs just to pay for their bills. While some aren’t lucky, there are those that are blessed enough to keep their jobs. I know for sure they are praying real hard that they will not be affected.

With many still unemployed, there are still Executive Search company though that are looking for applicants that will best suit executive positions in the company. features a number of Spencer Stuart job profiles that encourages people to get successful executive placements in various organizations. Head over to Spencer Stuart's profile page to know more about the company.

Project 365 Layout: MARCH Week 5

March: Week 5
I am so glad that I am updated with my Project 365 Layouts and photos that I have started this year. It helps me to use my DSLR every day and that is good for me. Doing so makes me learn more about my camera aside from being creative. I just hope I won't lose my mojo so that by next year I can have it printed over at ARTSCOW.

If you haven't tried doing the Project 365, you can at least take some photos each month to preserve all your family's activities. Try it and you'll record amazing moments that you can take a look over and over again.

Her Dreams

My niece Kathleen found her passion as it seems. With her interest in watching movies and co-directing plays in their highschool extra curricular activities, that lead her to the University of the Phils. . She is currently on her 2nd year taking up Film and with the looks of it she is enjoying and loving her chosen course more bec. she’s getting good grades.

She dreamed of becoming a director/screenwriter/producer and her ultimate dream is owning a production company. A very ambitious vision but I know with sheer determination and perseverance she’ll make it in the future. All we can do right now is to support her on her endeavors. Actually I didn’t have a hint that she ever dreamed of this not until she stepped into college. I hope she’ll be able to achieve all her goals when the right time comes for we’ll be so proud of her. She just needs to hold on to her dreams close to her heart for nothing can surpass that.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sophie and I

PROJECT 365: Sophie and I
(Forgive my unflattering way of holding our dog and my haggard look.. lol

My bro bought this cute lil dog (mixed breed of Daschund and Shih Tzu ) from a friend this month and gosh, she is sooooo sweet !!! Perfect as a pet and of course inside the house. She's only 3 months old

Every time i go home at night, I always go to my bro's place to see her and oh boy, every time she sees me, her tail keeps on wagging and she'd readily lie on her back. Funny thing is that when she sees me she can't help but to urinate bec. i guess she was so excited? LOL Love her to bits,

ISO: In Search Of

Now that we are already booked for our Hongkong Trip this December, the next step is to find a hotel reservation promo that will suit our budget. My sis will be the one to take care of that and I hope she'll find the affordable hotel or if not hostels, which I think is much preferred by us.

I got one comment about why I did an early booking when our trip will be still in December? We did that because my other sisters in Saudi and Australia will be joining us there so we need to get the exact date that they got in Dec. We don't want to loose the booking if we book late. Anyway, we are just excited.

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WW: The Last Leaf

The Last Leaf
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