Thursday, February 28, 2013

In the Mood to Sing

These days, Reign loves to sing. She's been shy singing in front of us but since we encouraged her that she can do it, she's slowly coming out of her shell. Last New Year's eve we set up our DVD machine and played videoke and we let her sing songs that she wants. She sings the familiar songs for kids but we let her sing other songs that she hears on the radio.

Her dad set up the videoke at their house and from time to time especially on weekends, she sings. In fact, she can open the DVD, microphone and the big speaker all by herself. Her favorite song lately is a Tagalog song "Pusong Bata" and in fairness she can carry the tune and follow the lyrics. She's been singing it all the time and I will not wonder that one day she can memorize the lyrics and the correct tone already.

Meanwhile, her brother was interested in playing the guitar and probably he'd asks his dad to buy him a guitar this summer vacation. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Change of My Sleeping/Work Schedule

I have a small internet cafe in our neighborhood for the last 4 years now now and it's me and mom SIL who are taking turns in manning our shop. When my online works became so hectic, I decided to just work at home and let her do the managing. Things get complicated when she got a part time work at a cooperative and gasoline station as bookkeeper. Her time got divided and she only get to man the store in the afternoon while mom was there as well and me here at home.

It's been a year or so when I started working at home full time and sad to say that I neglected our store already. That made my mom sad because she feared that our customers will not return anymore because most of the times we are closed.

We talked about it and I told them that I can't stay there all day because sometimes or most of the times I have a lot to do that require a lot of thinking. With too much distraction and noise at the shop it will be hard for me concentrate. The solution: we got someone to man the store from M-Th, 10-4 pm while my SIL will be there in the afternoon till evening.

I will took over Friday and Saturday morning till afternoon so that means I can work at home from Mon-Th. It will be another adjustment on my part but I know it will be just so easy to deal with.

I noticed for the past 2 days, I'm becoming weak every night and I've been thinking of what it may cause it. They been telling me that I should refrain from sleeping at 12 midnight or beyond that and wake up at 6 am because my stamina will not take it.

They always tell me that I look soooooo skinny now and when I look in the  mirror, I just hate what I am seeing. I wanted to give myself a break, so I decided that by 10 pm I should and must be at my bed already so that I can have 8 hours of sleep.

I don;t want to get sick for my thin and fragile body might not recuperate anymore. Ok, it's almost 10 pm now so I'll be heading to my bed now. Night night!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Much Needed Repair

Our home is our safe haven and as homeowners we always strive to make our homes neat and comfortable for the benefit of our own family. We can’t hide the fact that our homes will get damage in time and that is the sad part. The weather can play an important role in the damage of our roof and exterior of our house. While the way we use the furniture and other stuff in our house can also contribute to the breakdown or damage.

A much needed home improvement, repair or maintenance is always necessary to improve the appearance and state of our house. You can always check on your drainage, pipes, and faucets for possible leaks that can really be bothersome if they become worst. In many cases, a lot of us just wanted to do our own d-i-y home projects as much as we can to save paying labor for the contractors. However, if the repair and home improvements are complicated and taxing already, hiring specialist will always prove to be a wise decision. 

Looking for home improvement contractors are easier these days, you can browse the internet and you can find list of contractors at your area that offers various services. If you are in Toronto area, Priority Plumbing offers, toronto faucet installation and many other home repair and improvement services. Weather in Canada can be so extreme during winter time that is why pipes can be damaged as well but thankfully frozen pipe Toronto services are available and they can access the damage and can repair it asap.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Eat. Laugh. Shop

A dear friend of mine from college arrived from Canada in January and I'm so glad that she gave us a day to see each other along with another friend of ours. As usual the meet up was a blast!

We really have no idea where to eat that day at the mall so what we did was to stroll the various shop and see all the foods that each stores have to offer. We end up at Sizzling Pepper Steak. It was their 1st time to eat there while I already dined in there for couple of times already. We enjoyed all the food.

We had endless chitchat and of course we laughed and laughed! It was fun to reminisce our college days and to update each other with our lives and career. I' m so happy for both of them for they are all doing great with their own family and jobs.

We're lucky that day because the mall is having a sale so we end up buying some stuff. I bought few items and thankfully, I didn't drop shopping hehe..

An afternoon is not enough to have fun with friends whom I have not seen for 5 years. Yey for friends!

Going Beyond Your Grandmother's Cooking

Trends in cooking have changed dramatically since your grandmother was whisking up jellyrolls and huge roast feasts fit to feed any number of guests. More recently television has introduced a new way to access more recipes and trends in cooking with multiple shows on non-food devoted television channels in addition to specific food networking channels. Your grandmother had access to cook books and recipes from friends and family whereas you have television, Internet and magazines, books, and friends and family. One particular item that is taking the country by storm is panini sandwiches. Cafés, bistros, diners, and high-end restaurants all have their versions of panini recipes. Not only are the recipes and cooking trends different but also the kitchen utilities such as pots and pans you use for making these new eclectic foods have been altered.

Panini sandwich recipes are relatively easy to find and create; there are hundreds of variations of paninis and each one can be created with a few bowls (for mixing) and a panini press or skillet. If you love paninis but perhaps do not make them often, you can always create your own panini by using a stove top with a skillet and a plain plate. Once ready, place sandwich in skillet and place a plate over the top of the sandwich to 'press' it down. Flip and continue until bread is browned and sandwich is cooked through. Find the panini mouthwatering recipes that are right for you and then share them with your friends.

Panini’s usually have meat, cheese, vegetable and some sort of sauce; however, there are hundreds of combinations that could very well exclude all or some of these ingredients. One particular recipe involves braising meet in a long, slow manner. Many cooks use a Dutch Oven for this process but the best one to have is one with French ceramic on cast iron pots because it retains heat much better, allows meat to become more flavorful, it uses less fattening agents like butter or canola oil.Although some of grandma's recipes are to be cherished and continued to be made, there are so many more options for recipes out there that you could have a different type of meal every single night for several years! Panini’s are the 'it' food right now and the cookery that comes with it has had a nice boom for those manufacturers but you don't need to have the highest quality or high-end kitchen cookware to make a delicious panini.

Life is a Choice

I always think about what my life is today and I have to say that it's the result of my own choices. Very true. It may not be the best life anyone could ever desire for but it's the way that I have lived already. I regret some of the things that I have done or choices that I have made in my life and wish I can return back the time to change the result, but I can't now. It's sad but can't it now. I just need to be happy for myself . Oh well..

Anyway, if your life sucks now, then you still have time to change or think about new ways on how you can make it better. Make new friends, pray a lot, and think about all the decisions that you will make.

Tips to Enjoy Discount Shopping on Branded Fragrance

Today’s youth are crazy about fragrance. Whether it is a college student or a higher secondary student, all love to wear fragrance. But many of them are unable to wear different varieties of colognes as money problem comes in their way. They find hard to purchase a top brand scent as it is expensive and the pocket money doesn’t allow them to bear a branded fragrance shopping. In this situation, what do they need to do? The answer lies in discount shopping for Dolce and Gabbana perfume and other various brands.

The word “DISCOUNT SHOPPING” is enough to excite not only students but also office workers. It is exciting to buy top brand colognes at 10% to up to 50% discount rates. For this, students can target online stores. There are many online fashion stores offering a huge discount on fragrances. Many of them offer discounts all through the year. As a student if you try to shop your favourite brand cologne at an online store, you can save money. It is possible that you can manage the amount of shopping from your pocket money which sounds too good. But before shopping, ensure about the online store authenticity. Never ever try to shop from the store that is new. Go to the old and reputed store. Go through reviews of the online store from where you want to shop your favourite cologne. Noticing negative feedbacks are a clear signal to leave the online store and look for others. Apply for a 0% interest rate credit card that you use for online shopping to make your shopping experience splendid. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Friday Night

Ahhh.. the weather is just so crazy today. It's been raining the whole day and I didn't do much work. I blame the weather for it made me sluggish and lazy.. hahaha it gave me a reason not to work.

I really wanted to finish the works that I have in my list so that I will not have to work on weekends but looks like that I need to be in front of my pc on weekend so I can beat the deadline. Also, I remember the Artscow free photpbook voucher that I got and thought I'd use it soon but first I need to finish the layouts that I made so I can order soon.

You know what I did instead of working all day? Watch Youtube videos, blog hop, create polyvore cloth sets, window shop by looking for some bags, shoes and I happen to see lots of jewelries and that includes a diamond engagement ring that I wish was Ahhh .. shopping! Just hope I have lots of money so I can shop for anything I want.

Bed Weather

I woke up this morning at around 6 am, it was still dark and it's raining.. yay!

It's my schedule to walk with Sophie at 6:30 am and later on at my aero-zumba class at 7:00am but with the continuous rains, how can I go out today? I waited for a while but the rain is never stopping so I end up not going out anymore. I just did my short stretching at our living room for I am used to exercising already. Mom saw me doing my exercise and she did follow me for a while but complained that it hurts . I told her to do some stretching each morning so she can get her dose of daily exercise even just for few minutes.

The rain never stopped until after lunch and I heard in the news that the typhoon just left the country and the rain in Metro Manila and some other areas are  brought about by the easterlies. The weather is so conducive for sleeping and lazing around that's why I immediately went to sleep after lunch.

Right now, the heavy rain just stopped but there's drizzle from time to time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 Tips to Look Chic on a Budget

The fashion industry depends on a large percentage of women buying new clothes every season. Because trends change so rapidly, it can be very difficult for fashionistas to stay current. A true lover of fashion needs to develop ways of saving money so she can continue to add new items to her wardrobe.  

Invest in Basics
Simple, well-tailored clothing rarely goes out of style. It may not be as flashy or directly in line with current trends as new clothes are, but basics can be worn for years on end without looking dated. Every woman should own a few pairs of flattering jeans in a plain wash, as well as some slim-fitting tops in dark colours. Many women struggle to find simple dresses that fall into this category. A good basic dress will work with a woman's figure. It will not add anything distinctive to her look. A woman who is looking for a basic dress should try on as many dresses as it takes to find one that flatters all of the right parts of her body.

Use Shopping Catalogues

Shopping from catalogues can be a bit risky. There is no way to know for sure if something will fit right until it is tried on. That said, certain kinds of clothes can be fairly reliably purchased from catalogues. Clothing made out of knit fabrics has enough stretch to make up for imperfect fits. If a shopper has shopped from the brand before, she should have a good idea of how that company's sizing corresponds with her body. At the very least, she can use that catalogue to buy new or replacement versions of the clothes she has bought from the brand before.

Go for Classics
Fashion is constantly recycling itself. In the past few years alone, there have been revivals in '80s, grunge and mod trends. Women who had good taste in the past can reach into their closets and pull out their own vintage garments. They also have good sense when it comes to buying new clothing within these trends. Young fashionistas who are experimenting with these looks for the first time should not shop for vintage or vintage-inspired clothes impulsively. The most obvious examples of specific trends are often the ones with the shortest shelf lives.

Fit Matters
A woman looks better the more tailored her clothes are. This does not mean that she has to have expensive alterations performed on everything she buys. All it means is that she needs to shop according to her own body type, not according to whatever happens to be popular. Many styles do not look good on all body types. A woman is no less stylish just because she has to pass over certain trends.

Invest in Shoes A great pair of shoes can make an outfit. Sleek boots and graceful pumps can transform any outfit, even jeans and a t-shirt, into a carefully coordinated ensemble. One great pair of shoes replaces multiple pairs of inexpensive shoes that wear out and fall out of fashion quickly.

Last but not least, consider checking out the online catalogues before you hit the stores. You’ll get to compare the prices for similar items and know what’s in the trend for the season to help you make the best decision when buying.
Written by Katie Hensley

Roofing Maintenance

Mom just had to call our helper to do some roof maintenance since we have a nice weather lately. The roofing replacement is postponed because of financial issues. With the roof replacement being put aside, my mom just decided to ask our helper to put some sealants on the few small holes on the roof just in time for the rainy season by June. There are some minor leaks inside my room that is why he needs to put a lot of sealant there.

Aside from the sealant, the paintings on the roof was also done and as usual we had the red colored one. I guess it will take another 2 or 3 years before having it repainted again. Mom just wished that our roofs be replaced soon for it will not last for another 5 or 10 years.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hobbies into Business

I used to have a lot of hobbies before. I was into crafts- making topiaries, garlands, and other decorative items as gifts and decors in our house. I also tried my hand in jewelry making using different kinds of stones, crystals and beads. They all started as hobbies but later on saw the potential of making profit out of them so I was able to sell few pieces at my store.

In the 90's I was cross-stitching and even had the chance to sell supplies and materials  for quite a while. It was a craze back then and I have some framed cross-stitched pieces still hanging in my room and in my store but they are not for sale anymore.

These days, I'm now into digital scrapbooking and since I also know how to make some graphics, I'm also selling some digi-kits at Artscow for a couple of years now. The sales that I got from the store are very helpful indeed and even though I'm not active in making new kits now, thankfully, there are still using my templates and buying my kits.

I also have some few friends who turned their own hobby into business. One is making beautiful headbands and ribbons for girls and she's selling online as well. Another friend is very creative in making keychains etc. made out of clay while another one is making stationeries and other desktop publishing. I will not wonder anymore if one day another friend will venture into business card printing for we are a bunch of creative and very enterprising individuals.

Roofing Problems

It’s almost summer here on our part of the world and it’s the best time to do some home renovations or projects. Mom was supposed to have our roofing change because the asbestos tiles are showing lots of cracks already but unfortunately her home project will be shelved for a while due to financial reasons. The whole project will cost so much and will require a lot of days to work too. I’m sure mom will have it rescheduled soon because our roof will not stand another 2-3 years.

Extreme heat and of course heavy rains can damage our roof and it’s not unusual anymore to see damage and leaks. In many countries like Canada with extreme snow conditions most of the time, their roofs can be covered with thick and heavy snow for months. Such conditions can shorten the life span of the roof and if damage roofs are not fixed before winter season begins, big problems will surely arise.

A réparation toiture montréal (repair roof montreal) can be of help to residents in that area. Couvreur Impact, one of the montréal couvreur (Montreal Roofer) offers various services like repair all types of damage in all types of roofing, installation of asphalt shingles, snow removal service and more. Have your roofs checked by specialists now for serious damage will come up when it’s not properly addressed.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Star Studded Town Fiesta Parade

Yearly, we always look forward to our town's Saturday parade for our Fiesta. Our thanksgiving fiesta is always celebrated at the 3rd Sunday of February. Lots of fun activities happen before the fiesta and it's actually a week long celebration. There are art exhibits, Ms. and Mr. town search and also lots of small stalls, we call tiangge selling different items can be seen.

The highlight of the fiesta is the grand long parade every Saturday and it usually start at 1 pm and will end by around 5pm touring the whole town. There are bands, floats, giants and more but the most awaited part (always) is when stars or celebrities are invited to join the parade. The crowd are always excited to see them also having fun waving at us.
This year Sheryl Cruz is present on behalf of Grace Poe her cousin.  And since election is coming it seems like she;s subtlety campaigning because she's wearing a vest with Grace Poe's name in it. Grace Poe is a senatorial candidate. The sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga are our townmates and of course they are supporting their dad who is candidate for local position. A lot of election candidates are very visible during the parade and I can't blame them for the parade is a good venue for people to see them.

The parade was fun but it left with a lot of clutter in the street. yay!

Keeping in Touch

I bumped into a good friend that I have not seen for a long time about couple of weeks ago and it was so refreshing to see her once again. We lost contact few years ago when she and her family relocated in Manila. I've been looking for her in social networking sites just to keep in touch with her but apparently she has no account in any of the popular sites. It seems she's really distancing herself from many people or maybe she's not really into online thingy. 

Anyway, we talked for a few minutes only for I am in a hurry to do some errands. I'm so happy for her and it seems that she's really doing great as she has growing family and stable business. I wasn't able to ask about her brother who got into a  private alcohol treatment few years ago and to know if he is ok already. Too bad, I wish we had more time to talk but nonetheless I already got her contact number just in case I need to keep in touch with her. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Best Friend

I will never trade my Sophie girl for any diamonds out there! She's my baby, friend and she's everything to me!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5 Reasons Why Female Cyclists Are Chic

When many people think about avid cyclists, they often think of men. However, there are a lot of women out there who enjoy cycling, and more women should possibly consider getting involved in this sport. Although some people think that cycling isn't very feminine, there are actually a lot of reasons why female cyclists are incredibly chic.

These are just five of the reasons.
Female Cyclists Get Great Workouts
Cycling involves a lot of cardiovascular exercise, and it also helps to tone up the muscles in the legs, buttocks and elsewhere in the body. Therefore, women cyclists who take their cycling very seriously often have great, in-shape and incredibly healthy bodies. This is one great incentive for hitting the bike trail, and it can be a lot of fun too.

Cycling Clothes Can Be Incredibly Stylish
When you think of cycling clothes, you might think of ridiculously tight, brightly colored and overall unflattering cycling clothing. Although some people do choose to wear these types of threads, chic female cyclists know that there are lots of attractive outfits that are perfect for cycling. In fact, there are even brands out there that are dedicated to creating and selling gorgeous outfits that help female cyclists look their best while still remaining comfortable when they hit their bikes.

Female Cyclists Can Grub Out 
Following a strict diet isn't fun, but many women think it is the only way that they can keep their bodies looking good for bikini season. Female cyclists don't have to settle for salads at every meal, however; since they get a great workout every day, they can enjoy indulgences every now and then without worrying about gaining extra pounds.

Cycling Gear is Fun
For women who love to shop, shopping for cycling gear can be a real thrill. Not only is there a lot of great cycling clothes out there that are perfect for female cyclists, but there are tons of fun accessories as well, such as decorative water bottles and fun bags.

Cycling is a Great Way to Meet People
Female cyclists get to make lots of great friends along the way; since there are so many people involved in cycling, it isn't difficult to meet new people who they have a lot in common with. Therefore, cycling is something that anyone should consider who is looking for a way to make new friends while participating in a fun and healthy activity.

These are just a few of the reasons why female cyclists truly are chic, and other women who are looking for a way to get a great workout, get involved in a new sport, meet new people and enjoy trendy and stylish cycling clothes should consider giving cycling a try. For a comprehensive range of chic female bikes, check out vendors such as

Written by Sammy Hanson /Image

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bathroom Renovations

When I think about house renovation, one thing always comes to my mind. I’m always wishing that I can have our bathroom renovated even though it was just small. I have seen a lot of fairly small bathroom online with contemporary fixture and very organized storage and I want to do that in our own bathroom. Since a fair amount of budget is needed to undertake that home project, I might just wait to have more savings before I have it started. I just don’t want to start a home project if I don’t have enough cash on my hand for it might just end half-finish. 

If only I can build a new house for us with big front/backyard, spacious kitchen and bathrooms then I would be so happy. These days, homeowners trying to build a new house or renovate areas in the house particularly the bathroom have so many options to choose from. The samples or models at bathroom renovations downingtown pa showrooms and galleries can help homeowners build their own luxurious bathroom according to their specifications. 
bathroom renovation

At Mattioni Plumbing, bathroom renovations west chester pa not only can provide their clients with bathroom remodelling but also various services like plumbing and more. With their talented designers and skilled workers working for them, your dream bathroom can become a reality. 

Our bathroom always needs to be comfortable and if possible spacious for it’s one of the busiest places in our house.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Backing Up Blogs

Ever since my blogs went down from malware attack, I've been so nervous and anxious. Just imagine 4 of my blogs went blank! My nephew was able to retrieve them removed the malicious codes that was inserted on the blogs. My blogs went back but not for long when a friend buzzed me that one of my blog is reported as an ATTACK SITE! .. what???? attack site? how could that be?

Contacted my host again and it seems that it's infected again. A friend helped me cleaned my WP panel but my host has not yet done the cppanel cleaning. There's too much work on this and I'm having a difficult time.

warning sign that no web owner wants to see on their site
Right now, I'm slowly transferring my other blogs to another server. Also, I have made a backup of all my blogs because I don't want to lose all my posts that I made. Too bad, I don;t any xml backup on the other blog that G warned as an attack site.

This is what I learned : Always back up your blog/s just in case!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Of Weddings and more

Weddings will always be special as it is the union of couple in love and willing to be there for each other for better or for worse. Planning a wedding can be daunting and can be a long process most especially if you want a detailed and lavish wedding ceremony. You can start by thinking of what theme or motif that you like for your wedding.

These days, weddings are not confined to the traditional wedding ceremony or themes. Those that are adventurous and want to veer away from the old-fashioned or the common wedding celebration can have a black or gothic type of theme, under the water theme, cartoon characters theme, medieval and more.

After knowing what kind of theme or motif that you like, then the search for suppliers will come next. If you have a wedding planner, they will take care of it but of course you still have the last say on everything because it’s your special day. Getting a wedding organizer or planner can be an added expense on your budget, so if you have time, want to do all the hard work and also saving a little, then you can really plan your wedding all by yourself or with the help of your friends and relatives.

Thankfully, there are myriad of wedding supplies and wedding favors that you can choose from. Lately, with the tough competition among suppliers, they tend to lower their prices without sacrificing the quality of their products just to get more clients. Just wisely pick what you want that goes within your budget and your taste.

There are couples that really want to have a grand wedding to please their guests and all but there are brides and grooms that are wise and practical. No matter how splendid your wedding celebration is, in the end what matters most is the love and foundation of your relationship.