Monday, March 17, 2014

Taking up Business and Music Management Course

My niece came home from Sydney last week for a short vacay here. I've been accompanying her to various places to shop and dine. We had a pretty hectic schedule but I was more than glad to be with her all the time eventhough it was tiring. We had a great time and we're close more than ever. I've been advising her on some life issues and she's open arms to hear all what I have to say and I hope that she'll listen because it's for her own welfare.

We've been to quite a lot of stores and shopping malls to shop and have some fun. Just last weekend, before she fly back to Sydney,I accompanied her to a music store to check on some guitars. Actually, she is looking for a nice acoustic guitar that she can use back home as she is studying business and music management at the University.

The salesmen are accommodating enough to show her different guitars and that includes acoustic and telecaster fessler guitars. My niece is just a novice guitar player and wanted to learn more. Here you can see she's trying out a guitar but she's picky and pickle minded on what guitar she really wants.

Short Vacation with Family

Yay.... we're back home after a short but sweet vacation at my dad's hometown in the north.

My sister and her hubby plus my other niece came home from Riyadh and Sydney last week for a short vacation. We traveled to Tarlac Wednesday early morning at around 4pm and arrived there at 8:30 am to attend the fiesta and coronation night. We stayed there until Friday afternoon.

I'll be posting more pics and share more stories about our short vacay later....