Monday, October 27, 2008

Can I Just Rant For a While?

Sorry for bringing some negatives thoughts today but I just have to let this thing off my chest. Someone is sneaking at my computer at night of course without my consent. I am not hiding anything from my pc but the thing is the cookies or the shortcuts that I have for my frequently used sites are gone and that pisses me off. I know it's just easy to type in again the url but hey, this is my own pc and I don;t want the settings to be changed. I am guessing that my niece is the one using my pc here at my store last night and to hide that she'e been here she deleted the history but I know that she did that. I am going to talk to her one time bec. I don't like what they are doing. I have told them million times that they should not open my pc. I know you'll also be upset when someone will open your pc w/o your knowlege. Ok Im good now.. Night y'all!


  1. hmmm :) I did that too when I was still young *lol* you know kids sometimes being matigas ang ulo... the more you say "don't" the more that they will do it. Stay cool tita Jen ;)

  2. Why don't you put a password that way she can't use it.
    Btw. Sis pla kayo ni JoyD?

  3. Yeah that's true. I don't like my things to be touched without my knowledge either. I can relate how you feel. You better talk to her so she won't do it again. And one thing, Agring is right, why don't you put a password so she can't open it? God bless!


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