Monday, October 13, 2008

: More Jobs for Pinoys In Australia :

With the financial crisis happening in the US today, many Pinoy OFW's (Overseas Pinoy Workers) are deemed to be affected by this. Companies are already cutting off expenses and man power resulting in the lay-off of workers. This is alarming as we have many OFW in the US who are the breadwinners of their families back here in the Phils.

I just heard on the news that despite of the crisis in the US, Australia are opening their doors for our qualified and skilled workers to join their work force. I have 2 close neighbors who already started working in Sydney and Perth just last year and in no time they can get their families already. Australia's economy is stable and right now there are job openings like I mentioned.

Anyway, there are about 10,000 jobs for Pinoys awaiting our skilled workers today which is definetly a good thing. Australia is looking for qualified:
- Nurses
- Carpenters
- Engineers
- Pipefitters
- Farmers


  1. That is good to hear! My husband's just said that I better send my sissy's to work in Autralia rather here in UK. Our economy is also affected by USA....And Australia is one great alternative. Thanks for the infos....

  2. Ako kaya Pwde Dyan!!!! kahit taga alaga ng mga batang makulit!!!!! Ay may mga alaga na pala ako and they ae makulits!!!!
    ikaw naman ang mag apply...
    But the Prime Minister announced the other day that they are cutting back on migration because of the crisis.... sad news...

  3. hello to everyone.
    how hard to work abroad and left our families back to our country.
    i am working here now in the UAE, but like other companies we are also affected.
    i know so many people have a good heart and willing to help other.if anyboduy can help me to find a job there in perth.
    thank you
    god bless to all those people who are working far away home for the sake of their families.


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