Wednesday, October 22, 2008

: Multi Tasking :

What what a day! It's been a busy day for me here at my net cafe and how's I wish I have 2 bodies to do all the works. Oh well my sis in law helps me out in the typing jobs and actually I gave her that tasks already bec. I can't do that anymore bec. I also have blogging on the side.

Just few minutes ago I was multi-tasking, scanning photos for one customer, then printing documents for another while someone is waiting for his documents to be copied and the other one need to have his files on the CD be transferred onto his computer. Sis in law is not here already as she went home already to cook dinner.

Sometimes things to be done comes simultaneously that patience and being quick are much needed. Eventhough it is tiring at some point it is good bec. customers are keep coming back on my store for our services.

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  1. Wow! :) Busy body ah. Kumikitang kabuhayan. :) Goodluck sa business. More customers and more incomes to come.


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