Friday, October 31, 2008

A Rainy All Saint's Day to Transfire?

I was watching the news last night and since yesterday people were already flocking at the cemetery particularly at the North Cemetery to visit their dead relatives. I can't blame them for doing so because for sure more people will come making streets more heavy due to traffic and the cemetery crowded with people. They are just staying away from the massive crowd so they just came early, a very practical thing to do esp. if your going to the big cemetery like that.

We are still goin to my dad's tomb tomorrow Nov. 1 after lunch as we have traditionally done since 1989. We're goin to bring lotsa food bec. there's nothing much to do there except to pray, chit chat and eat. It's raining early today and it is gloomy and wet outside and if tomorrow will be like this then it's a bit uncomfortable. But oh well, every Nov. 1, it is raining so we just have to bring umbrellas and install 'lona' on my dad's tomb.

Are you visiting any dead love ones tomorrow?

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  1. hi.... yep im gonna visit my lolo and lola's grave tomorrow. hopefully its not gonna rain cuz its located on open grounds in Cavite.

    have a happy halloween and enjoy the day tomorrow


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