Monday, November 24, 2008

Ang PINAKA Smart Ways to Manage your Money

Not all of us are good in this area so here are some tips that we can follow. Ang Pinaka TV show over at QTV 11 provided us with this list. Watched the show last night (Sunday) and fortunately I was able to jot down the Ang PINAKA Smart Ways to Manage your Money.

Can you tell me which of the top 10 have you done so far?
1. Pay your Debts - Debt Reduction (Pay your loans, credit cards etc.)
2. Mutual Funds - where a private co. will pool the money of investors to invest on buying stocks etc.
3. Maintain Deposit ( Savings or Time)
4. Invest in Bonds - Security loans or Government Loans
5. Buy in Stock Market
6. Invest in Real Estate ( Land, houses or buildings)
7. Become an Entrepreneur - Be your own boss!
8. Buy Foreign Currency
9. Invest in Pre-need plans (Educational, health etc.) in my opinion educational insurance is not a good thing to get anymore as many co. are closing down already
10. Invest in Jewelry, Antiques, Arts


  1. wish ko te magawa ko ng ayos ang number 1! hahahaha

  2. I choose one as you know I want to be debt free

  3. I did think about deposit but then money is not growing much. :(

  4. ako number three ehehheh yun na kasi ang ginagawa ko since na maranasan ko kung paano magtrabaho at kumita ng pera. ung mga natitira sa sweldo sa bangko ang bagsak. hanggang ngayon un pa rin ang ginagawa ko. nakakaipon naman kahit paano ehehehe..

  5. can try stock market but need have good eye

  6. Thanks for the tips. Di ko yata napanood yan nun. :)

  7. invest stock market is good but you need good eye :)

  8. This is a cool one. Actually some of the things you mentioned here were already in our list like number 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7.

  9. in short invest invest invest

    save save save

    spend a little spend a little spend a little

    share share share to people including me!

  10. @mommy author hehe oo nga clear mo ang debts esp. the CC hehe
    @ sherry , yep we all wan to be debt free
    @ rose, correct that is a good way to save, it's good esp. when there is an emergency
    @ NIta .. naku I know you have lots of investments .. ngalang not all people are good at this..

    @Comeliness , hehehe correct invest save and spend a little good advice . thanks for the visit

  11. we've done no. 1 and 6 already hehehhe =) yung no. 3 di ko ata magawa pasaway ako eh, pag nalaman ng husband ko yan lagot ako heheheh =)

  12. In the Top 10 list, so far I have done the Top 3. All the rest are part of future plans. Nos. 8-10 I have heard for the first time. Thanks for being able to list this down.


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