Friday, November 14, 2008

: A Little Self Pampering

I have scheduled to go to the salon yesterday afternoon but of boy it was tiring hot to go outside so I did not go. This morning, about 10 am I did not open my store and head to my fave salon just near our place. It's always nice to give myself some little pampering since it is also my birthday on Sunday.

I had my color dyed to dark brown (almost black) covering all the brownish color that I had before as well as my gray hairs. Aside from that I also had a hair spa which is relaxing, love the little massage on my body. I did not have my hair cut since I don't want it to be murdered again hehehe. I already cut my own hair last week using the thinning scissor that I bought at Watson's. That's it, just had a relaxing morning at the salon. No pics to share, coz there's really nothing major changes.


  1. Self Pampering is good to an extent that you have explained and even more fun to do the way you have told. Thank You.

  2. it feels so good after the treatment noh? :) miss ko na pa parlor.. super expensive dito eh :(


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