Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lunchdate with my Bestfriend

Last Saturday, I was really scheduled to go shopping alone in Greenhills to buy something for myself. It was my yearly ritual to buy new blouse, shoes or any just about anything since it's my birthday anyway.

My bestfriend RACE texted me if I am going so she came along so I decided to treat her for lunch. There are many restos around the Greenhills area but we decided to eat at Las Paellas Cafe. I had a yummy baby back ribs while Race had the Porkchop Andaluz. We just shared a mango cake as dessert and a bottomless iced tea. It was a delicious lunch, took some photos and even asked the waiter to take a pic of us hahaha.

We strolled the Shoppesville and the Virra Mall stores and oh boy we are both drooling over those HP Compaq laptops. We are both eyeing HP brand and I guess Race will buy it this Dec. while me probably around early next year (keeping my fingers crossed on this hehe).

I also bought a blouse (that I wore on my b-day), a blouse, CDR/DVDRs, and oh boy bought my 6 Million Dollar Crumpler Camera bag too. Actually I wanted something else (a cheaper one ) but gosh when I saw that Crumpler bag, I never let it go! lol. So now I have a new cam bag (i will share the pics later). Oh well.... my bes and I had a great time shopping, it is seldom that we go out and I am happy that she went out with me last Satuday.


  1. Hay, kailan pa kaya ako magka best friend like what you have dito to hang out with, Jen. Ang sweet nyo. How nice you actually made it this long to be still friends ano, that definitely speaks na you have trust in each other. I had a high school buddy din, yon nga lang she didn't live close enough to us. As for HP oo, how nice to have a laptop and saka HP they offer the best screens kasi talagang crispt crystal clear. My loptop is not crystal clear pero ok na rin kasi this is what I could afford, if Tiana is old enough to handle my laptop, mapasa kanya na ito, especially if to say this sponsored blogging improves na I can actually take a laptop everywhere I go-I'll downsize to 15 inch. Mahal kasi eh, akalain mo up to $60.00 a month, di ko kaya yan.

  2. I feel so good for you having a lunch with your best friend. I wanted to do that too but she is busy working.

  3. Big time ka Ate jen. I love the Crumpler bags yun nga lang abot langit ang presyo nun. :)

  4. HMMM, yummy yummy food!

  5. my friend bought a red blouse, so happy for her as its fit her better.


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