Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Birthday Contest Ends!!

Hey all.. I am sooo happy that many joined my Birthday Contest and now I am officially closing it. To update you all there are 80 bloggers who joined but only 76 are valid to join bec. 4 did not verified their subscriptions.

Next week I will be counting all your entries (email subscriptions on my 2 blogs, comments, etc). I know I will have a hard time counting so please bear with me. I hope after this contest you will still go back at my blog to read and comment on my posts.

To all of you who joined THANK YOU VERY much and I know you are all excited to know who will win so watch out for it!!!


  1. wow it ended. I have got a tag for you check at

  2. Ate Jenny, did you include me? Please include me. T_T

  3. wow the contest is closed. excited na ako kung sino mananalo. good luck sa mga kasli ehehehe...

    ate jhen link exchange po tayo ha....
    iadd ko na po itong blog mo po....
    sa mga site kong bago....
    thanks po and god bless you po....

  4. thanks all.. I can feel that you are all excited huh!! Give me time to finish counting. goodluck to all

  5. Oh some really do that not validating their subscription. How did you know that someone validate their subscription? i have also a giveaways and I need to know this. Thanks.

  6. I can see it on my feedburner dashboard it will tell you if they have not verified their subscription


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