Sunday, November 9, 2008

:A Scammer or What?

It was a sleepy yesterday afternoon when a woman in her 50's or 60's and her woman companion entered my net cafe. I was alone at that time and of course doing something in front of my pc.

Jen: Ano po yon?" (Can I help you?)
Woman: Ammmm.. Are the old folks (man & woman) still there?
Jen: Huh? What old folks? Who are you looking for? (I was trying to let them say the name)
Woman: Don't get mad ok? I was just looking for my relative who lives here and I can't remember their names. What are their names?
Jen: I"f you are talking about my grandma and grandpa ,,.. ohhhh they are long gone." (I stated the name of my granny)
Woman: Oh yeah that's it Ka ____, (she said the name that I said). What is the surname again?
Jen: (I was already suspicious of them bec. if they are my distant relatives, then they should have known the names or even the surnames but answered back: "Oh (i said the surname) po"
Woman: "Hmmm that's it bec. we are so and so"
(mentioning their surnames and my grandma's surname to make it appear that we are really relatives.. "If they alreay dead, can I talk to their sons/daughters?"
Jen: Ohhh they are not here actually, I said
Woman: (Being persistent) "Can I just at least talk to anyone? Are you related to the old folks?
Jen: Yes, why po?
Woman: A relative of ours died eh.
Jen: Oh can I have his name? Can you write it down so I can tell my mom & aunt about it.?
Woman: Getting somewhat irritated "Oh he is goin to be buried tomorrow eh"
Jen: Oh, I see, but at least I can tell them the name and the place where he is buried.

The woman, seemed restless and really insist to talking to my mom (who is not really here that time) or my aunt, whom I don't want to call in their house bec. I know this is going to be another modus operandi where they will insist that they are your realtives and in turn they will ask for money.

Like I said if they truly are our relatives they will not ask for the name and even the surname of my old folks.. right? And they would really give the name of the dead and their place. In this case they didn't, so I presumed they will just trick us like what happened to my aunt long time ago. Gosh these days, there are so many people who'd fool someone just to have money.

Anyway, the 2 woman left with sad look on their faces, or should I say "nanghihinayang" that they wasn't able to get through me. I am just being cautious and careful, but if they are truly are saying the truth then I am sorry. I told this to my mom and others and they said it looks a bogus one.

Gosh.... anyway happy weekend eveyrone, I'm off now to have lunch then later on I'll go to the mall


  1. waaaaah grabeh naman ang daming namang mga panluluko na ginagawa ng mga tao ngayon ah para lang magkapera. buti nalang po at di po kayo nagpadala sa kanila eheheeh...

    take care always po ate mwaaaaaah..

  2. mabuti na lang Jen ikaw ang nasa shop and hindi yung mga pamangkin mo that time. Dami talagang manloloko ngayon.

  3. I don't know you have net cafe. Over here they are so many net cafe. I think these people are scammer!

  4. Buti na lang di ka nadala sa "scam" nila. Maraming ganyan lalo na malapit na ang Pasko. Ang pinaka-rampant sa place namin is nagpapanggap na basurero at nanghihingi ng donasyon para raw sa namatay nyang kamag-anak. Every week the same person ang nanghihingi sa amin. :) Always take care ha? :D

  5. I hate scammers!! Better safe than sorry!!

  6. over here too many internet cafe operating long hours. Now they set time limit !


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