Tuesday, November 11, 2008

:Update on my B-day Contest

Hey all as you all know I am currently having a mini-birthday contest here on my blog that I started last Nov. 3. I am very happy that many have joined and continue joining. To update you all, as of this writing:
~ 48 subscribed to my feed via e-mail but only 44 are qualified bec. 4 didn't verified their e-mail address. So if you haven't verified your email pls. do so to qualify.
Continue blogging about my contest for it has 5 entries (pts.)/ blog. This is getting exciting so if you haven't joined yet, come and join the fun! For those who joined and subscribed to my feed via e-mail and RSS. Thank you very much and good luck to all!
NOTE edited: to make it more exciting, pls. come back exactly on my birthday on Sunday Nov. 16th for I will be giving 2,000 EC credits (500 EC each on 4 bloggers that i will choose randomly via random.org). Isn't this fun? also be sure to guess my exact bday/year and guess how old I am. I'm excited hehe. EC Credits will be sent Mon. or Tues.


  1. I do believe I've verified my subscription! :)

  2. You're welcome. :) I hope more people will join this contest.

  3. ay sayang ung points nila pag di nila i verify un. btw mukhang po atang padami ng padami po ang mga sumasali po sa birhtday bash contest niyo po ehehehe good luck nalang po sa aming lahat awts...

    hindi ko na po hihintayin dumating ung 16 ngayon palang po binabati ko na po kayo advanced happy birthday po te. ilang taon ka na po te. wish ko para sayo have a good health, always happy, more blessings to come and take care always po ^_~.

  4. I think I have verified my email. I am sure about that. :)

  5. medyo bago pa ako sa blooging and i'm kinda lost with all thsi jargons...heheheh...happy b-day anyway!

  6. its a nice celebration with contest along :)

  7. Hi, currently the time here now in Japan is 12:07AM November 16th. Well, it's your big day so I am greeting you a happy happy Birthday. I hope your day will be GREAT and full of fun.

    Oh and btw, according to your profile in your other blog SIMPLY JEN, you were born on 11/16/1967, therefore you are now sweet 41. I didn't expect you're in early 40's because seriously, you don't look like one. Meaning, you look younger than your age. cheers :)

    Again, Happy Birthday!

  8. hello... happy birthday! :) may God bless you.


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