Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Hope This Isn't Late Yet

It was only just this morning when I finally went to National Bookstore to buy a Christmas cards for my relatives in the US. I was suppose to make a personalize one but I am pressed for time and became busy for the last couple of weeks so I wasn't able to make a layout. I hope these card will still make it on time, but with the slow mailing system that we have and of course due to the volume of cards being sent this season I am afraid they will no longer receive it on Christmas.

Oh well, it's my fault anyway, I should have bought and sent it much earlier. I still have to write somethin' inside and mail it tomorrow morning. What about you have you mailed your Christmas cards already esp. overseas mail or do you only prefer e-cards?


  1. If you don't mind ecards, here are some beautiful, animated ecards for Christmas.

  2. I mailed more than 25 cards last week for abroad and just Philippine places destinations. am off to mail 4 pcs now for US, Canada, and The Netherlands. It's all i can afford for Christmas for friends who are so far away from me...and has started this card things since i was in College.

    Happy Christmas, Jenn!

  3. @ anonymous thanks for the link
    @Sherry i think so too
    @Arlene I am sure they will appreciate receiving a card from you


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