Monday, December 15, 2008

Letter to Santa

My 5 yr-old niece wrote a letter to Santa and look what she wanted for Christmas. Barbie doll, this is one of the never ending toy that girls would love to receive. My niece already got heaps of barbie dolls but oh boy she can't get enough of it.

She is asking Santa and me to give her one. She wanted me to buy her the mermaid Barbie or the Barbie with wings. Let us see if she will get what she wanted this Christmas.


  1. Your niece is pretty...I know how it is. I am grown up and still likes barbies.

  2. Hay naku, my daughter also wants a Barbie doll from Santa. Out of stock panaman sa stores yung gusto nya. Sana meron pa si Santa. Hehehe.

    Aha Mama | A Zone for Digiscraps

  3. Mana sa tita. She's also creative pala! Tita, pagbigyan mo na ang niece mo. Pls buy her the doll she wants t have. :)

  4. ang ganda naman ng handwriting nya! Nakuh kelangan ng practice tong panganay ko...hehehe! It's nice that she's making a letter to Santa. I should start that tradition with my kids kaso lang c KT di pa r u na Jen? Bz?


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