Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Achy Breaky Back & Fingers

Ouchhhh!!!!I think I have been sleeping with a wrong posture again. It's been days now that I woke up with an aching back and I am guessing that it is due to my pillows. I think I have to buy a new one or stack another pillow on top of each other to make it more elevated. My right fingers are hurting tooo.. maybe bec. of too much typing, and carrying my heavy DLSR camera.. Oh boy it hurts.. Sometimes at night I try to wrap it with a stretchable bandage. Ohhh poor me..signs of aging? LOL

1 comment:

  1. Hi sis.. I also experience that most of the time.. Especially when I eat high uric acid foods.. Back aches and fingers feels so tight and numb.. by the way, baka stress lang din yan sau..

    Get well!!!


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