Friday, February 20, 2009

Distasteful Comment/Remarks

What a day!! My day started with an annoying and very distasteful comment that I found on my other blog. My comments are moderated so I have to read it before I ill approve it. I was just shock that a co-pinay (i assumed it was a girl) and I don't know if he/she is a blogger made an insulting comment. I will not elaborate anymore nor I would put his/her comment here but I got its IP address and its location so I am banning her already. Anyway, he/she is not worth my time so I will not bother to find his/her identity..

I got another distasteful face to face comment this afternoon here at my shop. My customer of mine told me tactlessly that everytime she sees me, I am always in front of my pc here at my net cafe. Hello!!! Why do you care??? lol.. I told her that, my work involves using the computer, I make invitations, business card, i accept typing jobs, I do digital scrapbooking and I earn online. How can I eliminate using computer with my kind of work???

Oh gosh, maybe she thought I only do nonsense things in front of my pc.. I should have said to her that I am a dollar earner too.. LOL Oh well, we can't please all people anyway. She should mind her own business, i should have told her that she needs to take diet pills bec. she is already fat! bwahahaha.

Oh I'm ok now!!!lol


  1. Welcome to the club! Di ko alam why they make it their business to stick their noses sa business ng iba. They should just be happy they got to know their fellow Fils blogging din. Hay, buhay talaga kapag people want us to live how they live or think. Anyway, I thought I'd share my two cents kasi I can relate. People that are rude like that, Jen, should just be ignored nga. With me though, I am glad my argument happened kasi I found out what others really think of us...LOL. Grabe! Deep down pala opposite lang sila at dirty minded pa to think na we are this and that...LOL.

  2. ahahhaha nice opp!!! ahahahha nweis regarding with that costumer of yours, what the hell she cares! ahahahha mga walang alam sa mundo yun kaya gnun ahahhah!!! akala nila walang kabuluhan ang pagharap mo sa pc...welll bahala sila sa buhay nila ahhah!!! ganyan nga sis wag k mag aksaya ng panahon sa knila...ahahha natatakot dn ako n maka tanggapa ko ng d magndang comment kasi 2 n kyu nababasahan ko ng mga ganitong situation...bakit kaya me mga nag co comment nggnun ano? hay....sana lng d ko maranasan yan dhl madali mag init ulo ko ahahha! me shop k pla...san location mo, how much lay out mo? ty!

  3. Jen I got also a comment last week asking for my qualification and that I am deceiving my readers but she was in my tag board that even if I ban or delete her she uses different IP address. I know she is a Filipina because she knew about PRC. She was asking if I passed the board exam and madami pang iba. Wala talagang magawa sa buhay. Anyways, I hope you are doing well.

  4. hey ladies, thanks for all your comments.. I try not to mind them na lang


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