Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I miss my Nifty Fifty

It's been over 2 weeks already that I broke my nifty fifty (Canon 50mm 1.8) lens and I am missing it so much. I guess it's also a blessing in disguise bec. now I have lots of time using my new 18-200mm which I always use as my everyday lens. I am planning of buying one again since I don't think it will be fixed anymore.

I just need to find a store that has it on sale and aside from that I want to get a UV filter and a lenshood. I already called Henry's in Quiapo and it costs P4,000 while the lenshood is not available since my lens is still new in the market. My photography hobby is already getting expensive hehe!

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  1. oh my!!! that's so sad! canon lens are so expensive. i'm actually asking my friend who is working in china, and he's a photographer too, to outsource me some accessories.


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