Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is it Summer Already?

Gosh, today was soooo hot!!!

Gone were the days when we use to wear jackets and whine bec. it's cold. I guess summer will come too early and I am afraid this year will be a hot one. You know, 33-34C and humid and you'll feel so sticky. That's summer here.!! I could not turn the aircon on the whole day bec. I am also saving electricity hehe (you know there's crisis nowadays).

One more month and school days are over too and the kids will have their summer vacation. Beaches and resorts will full of vacationers once again.


  1. over here it is summer all year long. Lately is getting hot!

  2. I was in Taytay yesterday I went around Bry. San Isidro Hall for a clearance and went to BIR. Medyo naman, nahilo talaga ako sa init.

  3. @ENCHIE.. hay naku sinabi mo pa eh ka init na talaga super.. so andito ka pala yesterday ah


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