Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Me and Bell

Project 365: Me & Bell
Haha.. at last I was able to set up a photoshoot of me and Bell (Siamese Cat). He was actually sleeping on our motorbike's basket when I got him. Ohh poor Bell, could not open his eyes bec. it was bright outside.

I am not into animals before but when he came (he was just given to my niece), we all wanted to play with him and feed him. Funny thing is that he seldoms say meow (i told them he must be gay lol) sabi ko nga baka bading Everyday we learn to love and take care of him and now I know how it feels to have a pet. We also worried about him when he is not on our sight. One day we can't look for him anywhere (how we wish we saw him through GPS lol!) and you know where we found him? He is in the engine our vehicle and we are so buffled on how he got there.

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