Monday, March 16, 2009

Christie & Jodi: Arrived last at the Amazing Race14 Episode5

Ok, It's Monday once again and as usual i got hooked on my TV just to watch my ever favorite AMAZING RACE Season 14. Watched it this morning at 8-9 am over at Studio 23.

Another day for racers and this time challenges are Detour: Russian Bride or SnowPlow.
ROADBLOCK: WINTER MARATHON : It was so exciting to watch the participants that chose to do the MARATHON bec. they have to run 1.4 miles to the pitstop only wearing their It was so cold and snowing but it's a race so they need to do that.

People are whisting, honking their horns when they saw participants running across the streets with their underwear.. lol Anyway, here is the result.
1. Margie and Luke- (they became 1st place 2x already)
2. Tammy and Victor
3. jaime and Cara
4. Mel and Mike 5. Mark and Michael 6. Kisha and Jen
7. Christie & Jodi: Arrived last at the Amazing Race14 Episode 5 but they are NOT eliminated

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  1. Love Amazing Race, but i don't have a favorite group yet :-D


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