Saturday, March 28, 2009

Photohunt:: Hands

Photohunt: No Pictures Pls.
Photohunt: No Pictures Pls., "ta Jen
My entry for Photohunt this week. Photohunt: HANDS

I dunno but sometimes my nephews and nieces will just run away, hide or cover their faces everytime they see me and my camera.. LOL.. Maybe bec. they are just tired of seeing me holding my camera or they are just too shy at the cam.. hmmmm..


  1. wow great pic show off your hands :) how nice if I can read palm :)

  2. i played too this week te jen! himala ano? hehe! miss yah! {{hugs}}

    mine's up HERE. hope you can check it out! :)

  3. Hay naku. I have lots of photos of Therese na ganyan ang gawa. Nakakainis. Hmp. :D

  4. Cute photos.

    If you have time stop by and see my photo hunt this week.

    JyLnC's Photo Hunt

  5. Oh cute hands...happy weekend. Mine is up too.

  6. What? You don't like your photo taken? ahhhh, come on...a beautiful lady that you are?

    I'll give you a hand [applause] for posting such a great photo grouping for the theme this week.

    I have added four different hands for my entry. If you have time today, stop by and say 'howdy'!!! Happy Saturday to you.

  7. Ha! Great shots! Hope the photographer didn't get into any trouble! ;) My Photo Hunt is up! I hope you get a chance to visit me, too.

    Happy weekend!

  8. Great pic sis.. Nice shot..

    By the way sis, timely tag.. I know u are fond of photography.. U are captured then here.

  9. I used to do the same thing until I started taking the pictures. It's more fun being behind the camera. Now I just try to relax and bear it..LOL

  10. Great shots! Sometimes my son gets tired of me taking his photos and he would do the same.

  11. I think there are some people who just really hate getting their pictures taken.

  12. Great capture of "reluctant face blocked by hands" :) I've seen this happen often,,, I do ti too, LoL!

    This week, I entered twice: two similar settings yet two totally different takes. Do check them out here and here.



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