Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Proj. 365: The Graduate

PROJECT 365: The Graduate
March-18 (Wednesday)-Day-77
My bro woke me up early this morning and asked me to put make up on my 5 yr. old niece Reign bec. it's her graduation day. She graduated from KINDER 1, next school yr. she's PREP already. This means that school year is over for her now.

She was very cooperative and even giggled when I am putting the eyeshadow , she said she was tickled and told me that the eyebrush (ELF) is soft. I used the eyeshadow that Yen gave to me and a local eyshadow. Lipstick is a mixture of maybelline and avon plus i put ELF's pumping lip glaze.
(just used the P&S cam)


  1. she is pretty :) I remember I take my mom make up to play too :) hehe.. it was fun!

  2. :) cute...

    by the way, i know you are not into tags or awards much, but i hope you drop by my site and check out the award i have for you... :)


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