Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Shopping??

It's all over the newspaper and TV news about SM Megamall 3-day sale on April 30- May1-3 2009 and I am actually thinking if I will go there on the weekend bec. It's Reign's b-day on the 2nd and it's Pacman's fight on the 3rd (i'll watching it on TV).

I also wanted to go bec. I know there are lots of sale items like shirts/blouses and even women's shoes for sure. At the back of my mind, I can just stay home and it will save me money if I will not go out. Sometimes I realize that when I go to sales, I tend to buy impulsively bec. it is on sale. Hmmm... I'll be thinking 'bout this anyway.


  1. wow where'd you get this? eheheh how much? hmm galing nmn sm megamall eheheh =)
    naku pag sale sakit sa ulo mamili ahaha =) dami p tao! nsan n photbook mo? snaa dting n sakin tom =0

  2. hinay hinay sa shopping te jen :)

    natawa ako sa isang blogger friend ko who questioned bat daw 3-day sale eh apat na araw naman talaga hehehe. sabi ko tanungin mo sa taga Sm na gumawa ng ad nila. :)


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