Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Fave Things

Snagged this from Chikai.

1. Time of the Day: From 9pm and onwards. This is the time when I get to watch my fave TV show in my room till midnight.
2. Food: Filipino.
3. Holiday: Christmas.
4. Season: Summer but hate the sticky and humid days
5. Movie: Serendipity
6. Pet: Sophie _Shittshu, Bell - Cat, Jac Jac- hamster
7. Color: Earth Colors and shades of greem
8. Book: I love reading magazines instead of books
9. Song: One Last Song by A1. Dunnon but if i hear this song it makes me feel sentimental
10. Fast Food Chain: Jollibee but rarely eat there now, it's not that I am dieting or something.

Thanks Che for this I'm off to read this diet pill site that I came across.

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