Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ohhh I can't wait..

I have been meaning to have a laptop for the longest time and always wanted to have an HP since I already got a desktop. How many times I have been to computers shops in Greenhills and in Megamall just to look for a good deal on HP Pavillion laptop but I have not came across a price that will suit my budget.

With the price of HP pavillion, i can't afford it right now, I'm still waiting for the sale price of it or else i just wish I can get one at a wholesale electronics store. I just can't contain my excitement and wanting to have a laptop, i guess you can already understand that feeling.


  1. hi sis ako dn...i cant wait to have a new laptop na..kasi ala ako laptop heheh sa motehr inlaw ko lnggamit ko everyday.,...kaso sobrangbagal n kaya nag assemble kame second hand n desktop para me magamit lng hay bagal p dn ehehhe =) bilis net nmin kaso pc ko bagal ehhe =) sana makabili n dn ako ng laptopn...khit d latest basta maganda =) acer lang ako =)

  2. I would suggest a different laptop. I bought an hp (brand new) a week after my hubby got a refurbished gateway. I have had it for a little over a year and have had tons of problems with. My hubby's works great.

    Before buying one, read the user eviews on it.


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