Sunday, April 5, 2009


It's the time of the month once again and oh boy, it's giving me a hard time and pain once again. How I wish i will not suffer every month but that's part part of being a woman so I don't have to complain?? Yay,I have some leg cramps, cold feet, pain and emotional outburst right now and i blame it on my hormones.

But sometimes I feel I'm still lucky enough that I am only experiencing PMS every month bec. when I come to think of it there are far more serious or debilitating disorder or conditions that I would not want to have such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction). Here are some of the signs and symptoms: Headaches or Migraines, Popping or Clicking in Your Jaw, Pain in the Head, Neck, Face, or Jaw, Tingling Extremities and more. IF you are afraid that you might have it, there are experts in San Diego TMJ Treatments that can help you. You just need to consult your doctor about this.

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