Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kisha and Jen Eliminated at Amazing RACE 14 Episode 11

Watched tonight's episode over at Studio 23 and oh boy it was exciting as ever. This is the race for the final 3 teams that will compete for the $1 million prize.
The race goes on.. after arriving at the "pitstop" they need to find the Travelocity roaming Gnome at the different stops to find their next clue. Then they need to ride the electric bike and they will pass Tianemen Squre.
OPERA - They need to find the Chinese Opera House where they need to dress up like Princess and Gentleman and put make up on each other.
CHINESE WAITER -This is kinda hard bec. they need to get the orders of the Chinese customers at a restaurant and they will have to relay the orders (in Chinese) to the cook. After the food are cooked and served they will get their next clue
UTURN - it can slow down a team KISHA & JEN was u-turned by Tammy and Victor which i think is a very good move
- Only one team member will do this. they need to eat grasshopper, larva, scorpions, and starfish


RESULTS Amazing RACE 14 Episode 11

1. Tammy and Victor
2. Margie and Luke-
3. Jaime and Cara
4. Kisha and Jen -
ELIMINATED -they almost made it to the final 3 if Jen did not chose to pee 1st ..LOL

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