Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Lympnode on Her Left Armpit

My SIL has been noticing this small lump on my 6 yr. old niece for quite sometime now but she never thought of it as serious bec. she thinks that it will just go away. She was alarmed lately bec. it is still there and when I saw it, it was a lump which is not that hard and when we asked Reign if it hurts she said, no. To keep my SIL at peace she and my bro brought their daughter at their pedia went to have it checked. The pedia wasn't sure about this bec. she was just a gen. doctor so I suggested to bring her at a specialist.

What is alarming is that the doctor saw not only a lympnode on her left armpits but, some on her bodies and he suspected of possible TB. He immediately ask for a certain test on her and after that he'll give the diagnosis. I just hope it is nothing serious bec. it's really hard for kids to get sick these days.

I remember when my other nephew (Reign's brother)got sick of fatal Dengue fever that he was hospitalized for many days and he was even put on a catheter
on the hospital but we are happy he survived it. The hospital that he was confined at is high tech, clean and has good service. I know they only acquire good hospital equipments like that of Allegro Medical in AZ. They have been in the business asn online medical retailers since 1996 and have been offering their clients only the best.

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