Friday, May 22, 2009

My Project 365 Photos and Layouts

Oh yes.. I am surviving the Project 365 that I have!! Imagine, I need to take photos each day to represent my day and I need to scrap it afterward so that I can make a photobook out of it. I always say it's a very ambitious project that I started this year and I don't want to stop bec. I am already half way through.
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My April Layouts
I am glad that each day I was able to take photographs but sometimes I run out of ideas too that I end up just taking pictures of anything. There are also times that I take about 100 shots per session or more that sometimes I run out of memory on my Canon DLSR. I have 1 GB compact flash card that I use everyday and an extra Sandisk 4G Extreme III extra CF card that I use when there is an event/occasion or if I'm going for a vacation that requires more photos to be taken. I highly recommend using the Sandisk Extreme compact flash card bec. it fast loading, reliable and durable and because that is what I use.

You can visit my Flickr digital photography and digital scrapbooking galleries, links are located at the right hand side of my blog. If you haven't tried scrapping or photography, I hope you too can experience such rewarding hobbies!

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