Monday, June 29, 2009

Diseases and Cure for Ailments

With the recent scare about swine flu or now called A(H1N1) we can’t help but to be paranoid at times when we see someone with persistent colds and have fever. We might even found ourselves keeping distance to persons showing signs and symptoms of flu eventhough even if it not a confirmed case of A(H1N1). We can’t blame ourselves for doing that because we are only safe guarding ourselves from being infected. In the recent days, the Dept. of Health has been showing how to wash our hands and other safety measures that we can do.

But if we try to look at it, there are far more deadly disease than A(H1N1) that may kill people each day. A(H1N1) has just been highlighted since it spreads just fast around the world. We need to keep ourselves up to date about Diseases and Cures for Ailments

and the Internet is the best way to keep us informed. Know the facts on cures for ailments from sDr Daniel Amen, the founder of the Amen Clinics.

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