Monday, June 8, 2009

I Need to Get Back in the Groove

Lately it’s been raining the whole day and that’s a perfect weather to eat a lot and laze around. I’ve been also complaining about the pain on my left leg brought about my varicose veins. No wonder it is due to too much sitting because my work requires me to be in front of the computer almost the whole day. Sometimes with my too much concentration, I already forgot to get up and stretch a bit and I know that is not healthy and good.

I have also the habit of slouching on my computer chair every after meal or snack that I already got excess fats on my stomach. Blame it also on the carbonated colas and too much eating, I better watch my weight or I will end up looking for the best diet pill in town. I hope I can get myself back to playing badminton like I used to do last year. My only exercise each day is playing with our pet dog Sophie in front of the house. I get to run after her (Sophie) when she wants to our neighbor.

Anyway, my poor knee also gave up on me last Saturday when we our out shopping. My niece and I were both laughing because I have a hard time going up the passover stairs going to SM North Annex. I literally have to pause for a while before continuing. Yikes, a sure sign of me getting old.

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