Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Not Getting Any Younger

I am so happy when I always hear this comment: “Ohhh.. you don’t look your age”. That is a very nice compliment to receive especially at my age of 41. Yeah, right.. I am not young anymore but those comments always kept me young and inspired to feel young. Even when I was younger, some even mistaken me for a high school student, how about I believe they said that because I am petite, I don’t have any drinking or smoking vices and I don’t have too much stress in my life yet. Experts even said that stress and unhealthy lifestyle will dramatically increase your risk of looking old.

Hmmm… but when I always look at the mirror these days, I can’t help but to feel a bit sad because my skin have changed all these years. I really can’t stop ageing because that is part of our lives. Now that I am in my early 40’s, sad to say that I already have those “lines” in my face, if I can it honestly, I have already wrinkles especially in my eye area. And with deep inspection of my face, the dark circles below my eyes are visible as well; I know that it has brought about my staying up late at nights.

I already have had one of those days being silly because how’d I wish to stop my ageing but how can I do that, it’s never gonna happen. Anyway, I already know that there are many formulations that can help minimize those wrinkles because I was able to read some at eye wrinkle cream reviews website that I have found. All I need is to read and compare each of them and I know one will eventually suit my skin. You check out the reviews for more info. Right now, I don’t need to stress myself about my wrinkles because I know in the future I have something to use to somewhat eliminate them.

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