Monday, June 1, 2009

Successful PC Reformatting

I was too pissed off last week because my other personal computer that I am using caught a very nasty virus in it. It was so nasty because even my anti-virus was disabled by it. It's my 1st time to haev encountered such so I am lost on what to do. Actually I don't even know what is the name of the virus that attacked my system, not knowing that I wasn;t able to research for a solution online.

What I did was to scan my computer with antivirus, malwarebtyes and spybot but none seems to have worked. I am trying to uninstall my anti-virus program in many different ways but it won't work. The worst thing that this virus did was I can't open any saved documents on MS office. It says it was blocked by my antivirus.

I have sought the help pf my friends online and offline but still it's the same. I have no choice but to reformat the computer and load new OS. I am glad that it is OK now. My nephews and niece are banned from using that computer for games as I am guessing it is caused by it

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