Friday, June 12, 2009

Trying to Move at Wordpress

I've been contemplating of moving my INTUITIVE REASONING blog to Wordpress but just thinking about it makes me baffled a little bit because I have no clue where to start. I am just so glad that my nephew Karlo who's into Wordpress since he starting blogging many years ago. He also have his blogs hosted at BLue host and he told me I can ride on his account.

Just this afternoon he has given me pass and an account to his hosting. With little know how on WP, I was trying to learn the ins and outs of WP dashboard. The net also serves my guide in how to transfer all my posts at WP. My online friends Tere also came to the rescue in helping me out. I know i still have many things to learn but I know EVERYTHING will be learned in time.

As I was editing my theme and other stuff there, I am not sure why suddenly I was not able to login back to my dashboard because errors keep coming in. My tech support is not around that time to help me out so in the meantime, that blog has not completely at WP yet.

I hope in time it will work out fine.. Oh boy it just makes me so tired figuring out somethings there.

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