Sunday, July 12, 2009

ANG PINAKA: Classic Pinoy Street Foods

As usual I watched one of my fave Sunday show ANG PINAKA over at QTV 11 and tonight they listed ANG PINAKA: Classic Pinoy Street Foods. Their guest co-hosts are Andy Manzano and Andi Smith (hosts of Q-tube)

10. Mais (corn)
9. Mani (peanuts)
8. Puto at Kutsinta
7. Isaw
6. Tokneneng at Kwek-kwek
5. Banana Que
4. Sorbetes (Dirty Ice Cream)
3. Taho
2. Fishball
1. Balut

My favorite is the Mais and Taho. I miss eating balut and isaw.. What about you what is your favorite street food?


  1. hi jen,

    from this list i lurve isaw and fishball. My college life would have not been complete without these yummy treats.

    anyways, i was also watching this show from QTV last night where they featured all the nice restos in Baguio.... i told darly that Baguio should be in our itinerary when we spend our vacation there next year. Yum Yum

    have a great week sis :)

  2. taho
    camote-q/ banana-q
    turon w/ langka
    chocolate & mango dirty ice cream
    squid balls
    kakanin (biko, sapin-sapin, suman)
    boiled/ griled corn
    guinataang halo-halo


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