Thursday, July 2, 2009

Been Staying Up Late

Now that I have laptop and an Internet connection at home, I've been extending my blogging or net hours till midnight. There are times that I stay up late because I am waiting for an opp to come up but sometimes luck is not with me so I just end up too sleepy. My extended net hours have replaced my TV time most of the times that I end up missing a good show.

I know it's not good staying up late and depriving myself of an 8hr sleep. I have to minimize that or else I will age too fast right? Lately I have been seeing laugh lines and wrinkles on my face and in no time I'll be seeking the best eye cream for wrinkles. I am not that afraid since aging is real part of life and I am at the age where they will really come out. I reckon, all I need is to eat healthier foods , which is what I am trying to achieve and a good sleeping habit.


  1. I stay up late too :( need that cream!

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