Monday, July 20, 2009

CompTIA Certification

A lot of people nowadays are trying to find ways to enhance one’s skills by attending seminars or trainings related to their field. There are lots of competitions so it’s always best if you have other certificates that you can boast of. I guess you have read about my last post about computer based training online for computer technicians and just one of the many perks of training online is that students are able to hone their skills and knowledge on a variety of subjects like troubleshooting pc through online videos offered by K Alliance. K Alliance has also acquired ProTech Diagnostics as part of their computer diagnostic tools.

This year, K alliance was featured in an article by Reuters. The news said that K Alliance is now a member of CompTIA's network of specialized trainers and that only means that their students are rest assured that they are getting quality and certified tech education from K Alliance. Having acquired the CompTIA's membership, K Alliance has been proven that they are teaching high quality CompTIA certification courses to their students since CompTIA has a very strict standard. So if you are in IT field and still need more chances to improve your capabilities this CompTIA certification is the way to go.

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