Friday, July 10, 2009

Harmful Effects of the Sun

We all know from the experts that we need the sun because to helps in the production of Vitamin D but the best they say is in the early morning only till 10am bec. by then the sun is already harmful. If we are too much exposed to the sun however will pose a big treat to our health. Here are just some of the harmful effects of the sun. The UV (ultra violet) exposure can be the cause for our wrinkles (yay!) and have you noticed that your skin feels so dry when exposed too much and that is bec. we also become dehydrated. Aside from that we can also develop freckles and too much exposure to sun will make our skin easily be bruised.

I also learned that it can induce formation of small moles and the worst thing is that too much exposure can lead to skin cancer. When I was in Australia I noticed that the people during summer (or not) are advised to wear sunscreens bec. they have high incidence of skin cancers. In fact, my brotherinlaw’s dad died of it. Anyway, that’s why when we go out or when we know we’ll be exposed to too much sun we never failed to put sunscreens on.

Another way to protect us from the harmful rays is by wearing hats or using umbrellas if we can. Just imagine being exposed to sun w/o any protection. We should not too much risk, sports buff are also at risk while playing but here there’s sports sunbrellas now that can be used when they are resting. This is a huge one that can fit whole family. This is also called Sports Sunshade Umbrella which can protect us from the sun, rain and wind and can be easily be set up bec. it’s just like an umbrella.

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