Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lazy Twittermates !!?

I’ve been reading tweets of my friends at twitter and what a coincidence because I am also too lazy to blog today for some reason. I also tweet about it and I am guessing it must be because of the gloomy weather that makes us not to work. Others are sleepy because they have been staying up late finishing some tasks. The bottom line is that we want to work but we are a bit sluggish and we need our mojos back to keep us going.

Suzanne on the other hand has this tweet
“Munching chicharon on a rainy afternoon. Hindi ko marinig ang buhos ng ulan sa lutong ng chicharon! Ang sarap talaga ng cholesterol! Haha!”
She said that she's eating a crispy chicharon (pork cracklings) on a rainy afternoon and that she loves I jokingly told her that she is a glutton but she reiterated that she only loves eating haha. I see no reason now why she will not have an exercise since she’s been eating heartily. I’ll recommend that she needs to get a  treadmill like what another twittermate Tere had in her house. At least she will not go out in the gym anymore because she can readily exercise at the comforts of her home just like what Jim "Super Gym" Rosen has been promoting. He’s been known as the World's foremost Fitness Equipment Expert bec. he's been selling affordable and quality fitness equipments.

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