Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NY Tour Would Be Nice Too

Oh I just can’t wait for our upcoming family vacation in Hongkong this end of the year. Aside from shopping that I am really anticipating and wanting to do while there it is also the time that my other siblings and their family are coming over. Few more months and they will be home from Sydney and Saudi and I know we will have a grand time in HK with the kids and all.

As much as we wanted to take on vacation, a NY tour will be out of sight for us since we need extra savings to be able to fly all our family there. I have lots of relative sin the US and I reckon they have been to New York already. It’ll be awesome as well if we can join them at their tour. There are many packages of New York tours online and I have browsed for a while and the double decker bus tour looks so exciting. I know the kids will be thrilled to ride there. Planning a trip down NY can be a lot of fun as NY City boasts a lot of tourists attractions from Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building to name a few. I myself dreamed of seeing them especially the Statue of Liberty is open again for the public.

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