Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ohhh Heavy Rains .. Floods on the Streets

Wow what a rain!!!

The sun was still up and mighty around 2 pm when I arrived here at my shop and not long after the clouds looked so heavy. It was so gloomy around 3 pm and it started to get hot and I knew right there that it will rain once again just like yesterday. The rain poured so hard that it looks like it has typhoon. There were also lightning and thunderstorms that is why I have no choice but to shut down my computer for fear of getting it hit.

Gladly the electricity didn't went off. Right now, I can see the long traffic in front of my shop because for sure there is a flood in the middle of our town already. Our town was even joked around saying that the slightest rain will submerge our streets. Oh I hope later on tonight, I will not have a hard time commuting on my way home.

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