Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sis is Moving Soon

My sister JoyD’s house is still up in the market up to this date. Many are interested but the clients wanted a lower price but they won’t give in. She’s also been busy cleaning the house and organizing things because every Saturday they’re house is open for clients. They wanted to move into a new bigger house and if I’m correct they’ve already found a perfect property that they can build their dream house. They are pretty excited over that but not until their house was sold that they can’t start building yet. I know this will be stressful for them because it’s not easy to move out, plus the cost of building a house is no joke these days.

Just imagine the expenses for building a house that you most wanted, how much more if you are renting a place in the city? Those that can’t afford to have their own house will find a way to make their place more spacious.

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