Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adgitize and Entrecard: Hitting Two Birds at the Same Time

I guess most bloggers have already signed up at ENTRECARD and if you have not, you might be missing traffic to your blog. As you can see a 125 x125 banner on my side which says DROP on all my blogs and those bloggers that have EC account can "drop" their EC to earn points that can be cash out (that is if you are approved.) I have also heard that they will stop the cashout system, so I hurrriedly cashed out mine. It's not many but it's still money but I have not received my payment yet haha.

I have also joined Adgitize last weekend after reading good reviews from bloggers. What makes me join as well is that I can drop my EC and then adgitize other blogs as well. I hope I can do good at this because they pay everytime $10, not that much but money is money. You can read more about how I joined adgitize as a publisher and an advertiser.

You know, you'll do everything to get traffic to your blogs. Trust me it helps.

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