Saturday, August 29, 2009

Best Web Host for My Sites

I started having my own site 4 years ago and I was very excited then that I have a site where I can place my digiscrap designs, my family and friends’ pictures and everything that I want to share. I entered the world of blogging, share my digiscrap designs, meet plenty of online friends and came to love all of it. It gave me an outlet to share the real me. Of course not all people know about this thing so when they heard about it they keep asking questions that puzzles their minds. I started in a free web hosting but when I knew about having your own domain name I searched for some popular web-hosts to choose from.

At first I didn’t know what to choose and because there are various providers it’s not an easy task to do. There are some guidelines and tips to follow when choosing a webhost and you should be aware of them before selecting. Well I got my own domain and was very satisfied with my host. If you’re interested to search for one you can visit WpDesigner to help you familiarize with some of web hosts’ reliability, customer support, price, control panel, server-up-time and ease-of-use. They provide a list of selected top 10 web hosts and give details on their capacities. Of course my current hosts are included in their list. I checked on their list regularly to ensure that I got one of the best web host for my blogs. Who wouldn’t want the best for their sites?

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  1. hi jenny,
    ur website is good, u can improve some more better with everybody eyes on ur webdesign.and add to new websites for this related links. it is helpful ur website.

    keep itup.

    ur old friend


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