Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brings Back Memories

A college friend of mine called last week while she’s at work and I could not stop laughing while we are reminiscing all our college friends, escapades and the hospitals where we use to train while we are still on our internship as Med. Tech. It brought a lot of memories and I clearly remember when we use to buy medical equipments that we need. How’d I wish there is an online store like Allegro Medical (AllegroMedical.com) back in the 80’s so that we’ll not have a hard time looking for medical supplies like syringes and many more. They are specializing in medical equipments and home health care supplies.

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  1. hi jen, just dropping by. saw it from my cousins blog.

    you know i can relate to it coz it is realy nice to bring back the old times especially in hign school and college.

    nice header you have there.


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