Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Case of My Missing Blouse and Swarovski Bracelet

Can I rant for while?

It's been how many days, probably it's been a month already when a blouse of mine that I bought in Australia and a Swarovski bracelet suddenly disappeared. I am trying my best to think who got it and how will it vanish in my room just like that.

One Sunday, I thought of wearing this teal tunic blouse that I will partnered with a black leggings but oh boy it was gone in my closet. I asked every one in the house if they saw it but no one said they got it. I looked every where, in my closet in other closet, ask my other nieces if they got it without permission but oh boy it was gone in the wilderness. I am sure I have not worn it for a long time but I am pretty sure it is there in my closet. I asked our laundry woman and she said she hasn;t seen it (yeah bec. I haven't worn it again). Ok so I was so mad bec. the hanger where the blouse was hanging is there but the blouse is gone.. poooffff...

Another day, I was looking for my Swarovski Bracelet to match it with my silver watch but it was not in my drawer too !!!! Arggghhh agian .. no one is telling me that they got it..

Until now, the blouse and the bracelet has not surfaced yet!! grrrr...

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