Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Design Your Own Rug

I guess most of us wanted to own a house that is pleasing, neat and comfortable and how many times have we found ourselves stopping at a furniture store trying to look for something chic that we can put in our homes. You might have stared at that chandelier or piece of a vase for so long that you almost wanted to take it home instantly.

There are pretty much ideas online that we can incorporate in our homes, I would dream of having a simple yet clean looking home free from clutter. My sister Joy in Australia whose house in for sale right now have already pictured in her mind what house she and her husband would like to have. If I am not mistaken they already have a sketch of their dream house and that is so exciting.

As of this early sis Joy is already looking for great ideas and furniture pieces online that they put in their future home. I am most sure they will need some elegant rugs as an added accent, though rugs can be functional as well esp. in the winter season. I have yet to tell her that she can even custom-design your own rug at Rug Couture. With their myriad of samples I know it’s not hard for her to choose designs. These days customized or personalized products are the best bec. you can create your own, with the color, pattern and size that you like. 

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